Hazrat Sayyid Sheikh Jamaal ul Awliyah RadiaAllahu anhu

Twenty Ninth Noor Awlad E Rasool Hazrat Sayyid Sheikh Jamaal ul Awliyah RadiaAllahu anhu

HIS POSITION IN THE SILSILA: Qutbul Aqtaab, Hazrat Sheikh Muhammad Jamaaludeen Jamaalul Awliyah is the twenty ninth Imam and Sheikh of the Silsila Aaliyah Qaaderiyah Barakaatiyah Razviyah Nooriyah 
BLESSED BIRTH: He was born in the year 973 Hijri in Kora Jahanabaad (India) 

BLESSED NAME: His name is Hazrat Sayyid Sheikh Jamaalul Awliyah

HIS FATHER: His father’s name was Hazrat Makhdoom Jahaniya bin Baha’udeen SA’laar Aalimul Khafi . He was a very great Aalim and Wali. He spent most of his time teaching the Aalim course and the rest of his time was spent in the Ibaadat of Almighty Allah.
Many great Ulama attained knowledge under his watchful eye. One of his students was Mulla Abdur Rasool who was the teacher of Mulla LutfullahSaahib, who was the teacher of Hazrat Mulla Jiwan. Hazrat Mulla Jiwan was the teacher of Shahanshah Alamgir Aurangzeb.

PREDICTION OF HIS BIRTH: Hazrat Khuda Bakhsh predicted the birth of Hazrat Jamaalul Awliyah . He was one hundred and twenty years old when he foretold this. He said, “Jamaal will arrive in the home of Hazrat Makhdoom Jahaniya .” When Hazrat Jamaalul Awliyah was born he was thus named Jamaal.

HIS GENEALOGY: Hazrat Jamaalul Awliyah son of Makhdoom Jahaniya son of Shah Baha’udeen son of Qutbul Aqtaab Hazrat Shah SA’laar Budh son of Makhdoom Shah Hai’atullah son of Shah SA’laar
Raaji son of Makhdoom Shahabudeen urf Habeebullah sn of Makhdoom Khaja Mia son of Makhdoom Shahabudeen Thaalis son of Shah Imaadudeen son of Makhdoom Shah Najmudeen son of Makhdoom Shah Shamsudeen son of Makhdoom Shah Shahabudeen (The Fourth) son of Makhdoom Shah Imaad son of Makhdoom Shah Radiud’deen son of Makhdoom Shah Abdul Kareem son of Makhdoom Shah Jafar son of Makhdoom Shah Hamza son of Makhdoom Shah Kaazim son of Makhdoom Shah Hassan Mahdi son of Makhdoom Shah Esa son of Makhdoom Shah Muhadith son of Makhdoom Sayyid Hassan Ariz son of Sayyid Ali Ariz son of Sayyiduna Imam Jafar Saadiq son of Sayyiduna Imam Baaqir son of Sayyiduna Imam Zainul Abideen son of Sayyiduna Imam Hussain son of Sayyiduna Ali-e-Murtuza husband of Bibi Faathima (ridwaanullahi ta A’la alaihim ajmaeen) daughter of Hazrat Ahmad-e-Mujtaba Muhammad Mustafa (Salallahu alaihiwasalam).

HIS FAMILY HISTORY: Hazrat Jamaalul Awliyah’s forefathers came to India from Arabia and Rome, during the reign of Sultan Shamsudeen Al Tamish, for Jihad. They joined in a battle with Sultan Shamsudeen Al Tamish and then on their return, they stayed at Sultanpur. When the Empire in Delhi started to crumble, Hazrat Shah Hai’atullah, the father of Hazrat Makhdoom SA’laar Budh, took Shah Sharqi with him and went in battle against Rajah Dawman and was victorious against him. He captured his capital and changed the name from Aatihaa to Fatehpur. It is there that Hazrat Hai’atullah then lived Hazrat Makhdoom SA’laar Budh: During this time, Hazrat Makhdoom SA’laar Budh was in Jaunpur attaining knowledge of Deen. After
qualifying, he took bai’at at the hands of Hazrat Shah Bahaudeen Nathu Jaunpuri and remained in Jaunpur. His Peer later blessed him with Khilaafat. After this, he took seven hundred of his disciples and well wishers with him and journeyed home. His intention was to first travel to Delhi, where he would make Ziyaarat of all the Mazaars of the Awliyah Allah. He then intended to return home.

On his way, he passed through an area which was under the reign of Raja Argul, who had much hatred for Muslims. It was the habit of Hazrat to stop at the time of Namaaz and immediately pray his Namaaz with Jama’at. It was the time for Zohar Salaah, so Hazrat stopped and performed the Zohr Salaah with Jama’at. After Salaah he was informed that Raja Argul had sent an army of thirty thousand with the intention of making him shaheed He commanded those with him to read their Sunnats swiftly and to prepare to confront the enemy of Allah. A battle took place and the fighting continued until Zohar Salaah the next day 
In the end, Argul was killed, and his son accepted Islam at the hands of Hazrat Makhdoom SA’laar Budh . Hazrat kept his name Bijli Khan. He stayed there for another day and a half after the battle and then said 
We shall stay for another two or three days, and then travel to Delhi.That night, he was blessed with seeing the Prophet (Salallahu alaihiwasalam) in his dream. The Prophet (Salallahu alaihiwasalam) saidYou should not go anywhere. You must clear this jungle and start to live here. For centuries people will attain guidance from your children concerning Deen-e-Islam and Great Awliyah Allah will pass in your descendants

Hazrat then cleared the jungle and started to live there. He constructed a Khanqah, Musjid and a house in the cleared area. Bijli Khan constructed a tower and a Musjid, which stands even up to this day in Jahanabaad. Even the date of its construction is engraved on the building. Bijli Khan had become mureed of Hazrat and thus decided to live in the same newly built town. Due to his efforts, the town began to grow in size and in population.
When the King Shah Jehaan became mureed in the same family, he called his place, which was next to Kora Shareef, Shah Jahanabaad, which today is known as Jahanabaad. It is for this reason that Kora is called Kora Jahanabaad. Through the glad tidings of the Prophet(Salallahu alaihiwasalam) , the jungle had now become Kora Jahanabaad Shareef. When Hazrat Aurangzeb was going on a battle, he passed through Kora Jahanabaad. He dismounted his horse in respect and walked across the town by foot. Six hundred Ulama from the city went to welcome the pious King. When Hazrat Alamgir Aurangzeb heard that all six hundred Ulama were from one family, and from the descendants of Hazrat SA’laar Budh , he was amazed. He stayed there for five days with Mullah Luftullah, the teacher of Mulla Jiwan .

He took his blessings and then continued towards the Battle to which he was going. He fought this battle 10 miles away from Kora Jahanabaad at a place called Kajhwa against his brother Shujaa’. During the night, many of  his soldiers changed sides, and joined Shujaa’. Hazrat Alamgir. was only left with two thousand soldiers, but through the dua of the Saints of Kora Jahanabaad, he won the battle. On his return, he stayed at Jahanabaad for two weeks. During this time, Jahanabaad was famously known as Daarul Fudhla. Hazrat  Aurangzeb changed its name to Daarul Awliyah

SHEIKH-E-TARIQAT: He was first mureed of his father and then later his father gave him into the care of Hazrat Shah Qaazi Ziaudeen Sheikh Jiya . He was blessed with the Khilaafat from his father and from Hazrat
Sheikh Jiya.

HIS EXCELLENCE: There are many incidents relating to his excellence and his vast knowledge and wisdom. He was a Wali-e-Kaamil. He made khidmat of the Faqeers from the age of seven years. He spent twenty years attaining Ilm-e-Deen. He attained knowledge through the souls of Hazrat Ghaus-e-Azam Jilani; Khaja Baha’udeen Naqshbandi and Hazrat Shah Badi’udeen Qutb-e-Madaar (ridwaanullahi ta A’la alaihim ajmaeen). He also gained the blessings from many other Awliyah.

When he was very young, he was very soft and timid. The children at the madressa often called him  Jamaalul Awliyah” He became weary of them and once ran away from madrassa. When Hazrat Sheikh Jiya .
saw him missing from the madrassa he enquired from the other students, and they said that he had not come to madrassa for three days. Hazrat Sheikh Jiya asked all the students to look for him, and he too went out in search of Hazrat Jamaalul Awliyah.

After some time, he found him in the jungle sitting in a cave. He went close to him, and saw him weeping. He asked his reason for crying and Hazrat said that the children mocked him and called him Jamaalul Awliyah

Hazrat Sheikh Jiya then said, “Come with me. I have now made you Jamaalul Awliyah.” Hazrat then gave his Kurta to him as a gift. From this day on, his wilaayat became evident and the students were amazed at his
intelligence and wisdom

EDUCATION: Hazrat Jamaalul Awliyah attained his education under the tutorship of his father Hazrat Makhdoom Jahaniyah . and Hazrat Shah Jahaniyah (his father); Hazrat Sheikh Qiyaamudeen and Hazrat Qaazi Zia’udeen Sheikh Jiya (ridwaanullahi ta A’la alaihim ajmaeen)

HIS KHULAFA: The names of some of his Khulafa are. 

1.Hazrat Sayyid Muhammad bin Abi Saeed Kalpwi
Hazrat Sheikh Yaasin bin Ahmed Banaarisi .2
3.Hazrat Sheikh Muhammad Rasheed bin Mustafa Jaunpuri .
4. Hazrat Sheikh Lutfullah Korwi


After Fajr Namaaz 21 times Laa ilaaha il lal laah and Muhammadur Rasoolullah in the end After Zohar Namaaz 11 times Kalima Tauheed (fourth Kalima) After Asr, Maghrib And Esha Namaaz 21 times Kalima Tauheed

After Jummah Namaaz 41 times fourth Kalima 

After every fard Salaah, one should ead 33 times Subhaanal laah, 33 times Alhumdu lil laah, 34 times Allahu Akbar and 10 times Qul huwAllah Shareef and Durood. One should also read istighfaar seventy times in a day.

WISAAL: He passed away on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr in the year 1047 Hijri 

MAZAAR SHAREEF: His Mazaar Shareef is situated in Kora Jahanabaad, and his Urs Shareef takes place annually on the 1st of Shawaal


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