Huzoor Ameen E Shariyat Ash Shah Sibtain Raza khan Quadri Noori RadiaAllahu anhu

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His Eminence Nabeeray e Aala Hazrath, Huzoor Ameen E Shariyat, Humshabi e Mufti e Azam, Mazhar e Mufti e Azam, Naib e Mufti e Azam, Jamal e Mufti e Azam, Murshid e Barhaq, Peer e tariqat, Rahbare shariat, wali e kamil, Al Haj Hazrath Allamma Moulana Mufti, Hakeem ul islam, Mohammed Sibtain Raza Khan Quadri Noori Maddazilahul Noorani.

Resemblance of Mufti e Azam, Hum Shabi e Mufti e Azam

Who has seen the Shahzada e Aala Hazrat, Mufti e Azam e Alam Mustafa Raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu and sees the Huzoor Ameen E shariyat, says that he have resemblance of Huzoor Mufti e Azam not just similarity in look wise, phisically as well as in his work, Simplicity, Namaz, tawiz and Taqwa, etc. thats why he is known as Hum Shabi e Mufti e Azam. naeb e mufti e azam and Mazhar e mufti e Azam, Karamat e Mufti e Azam.

I make Dua to the Almighty Allah, through the Wasila of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) and through the Sadqah and Wasila of Syeduna Ghous e Azam Dastageer( RadiaAllahu anhu) and wasila of Imam-e-Ahle Sunnah, Ash Shah Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (RadiaAllahu anhu) and Ghousul Waqt, Huzoor Mufti–e-Azam-e-Alam Mustafa Raza Khan Noori (radi Allahu anhu) grants his Eminence long life, good health and the strength to continue serving the Maslak e Aala Hazrath. (Aameen Summa Aameen Bijahe Sayyadil Mursaleen Salallahu alaihiwasalam)

At present he was the eldest of all in the khanwadah of Saarkar Aala Hazrath and respectable person in Khanwade Aala Hazrath.

Huzoor Ustad e Zaman Hazrath Moulana Hasan raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu

Shahenshah e Sukhan, Huzoor Ustad-e-Zaman Moulana Hasan Raza Khan RadiaAllahu anhu the younger brother of Aala Hazrat Moulana Ash Shah Imam Ahmad Raza Khan RadiaAllahu anhu.

Allama Hasan Raza Khan RadiaAllahu anhu was a master of urdu poetry at that time and due to this reason he got a title of Ustad-e-Zaman. He wrote many books one of the famous is Zauq-e-Naat which is au'fait among the followers. Ustad -e-Zaman assist elder brother AlaHazrat RadiaAllahu anhu in every field.

Aala hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu was very busy in writing books so Moulana Hasan Raza RadiaAllahu anhu handle all the work of jagirdari as well as house hold. Once Ustad-e-Zaman ask Aala Hazrat that he want permission of the marriage of their daughters. Aala Hazrat replies ....Hasan Miya even yet i didn't thought of a preparation of marriage of my daughters and you are asking about the permission how it can be possible Ustad-e-Zaman replies.... Dear brother you can ask with bhabhi jaan, Aala Hazrath went and asked his blessed wife she said, even the spices are ready for preparing food.Seeing this all preparations Aala Hazrath eyes got filled and then Ala Hazrat said that hasan mia you never left any stone unturned to make me free from all the house hold works, and because of you,, I can do service of islam otherwise its next to possible for me to do this precious services for Islam.

Ustad-e-Zaman passed away from this temporary world in 1326 hijri... Aala Hazrat had a dream of him holding a big paper in his hand which is full of ashars poems in the phrase of Prophet MUHAMMAD sallalahu alahi wasallam and said brother my these poems are accepted in bargah-e-risalat sallalahu alahi wasallam, all this incident was further told by Aala Hazrat in his speech in RAZA Mosque before JUMA salah and countinously weeped and said if a single couplet of a poem is accepted in Bargah-e-RISALAT Salallahu alaihiwasalam the one got magfirat IN SHAH ALLAH but my brothers so many couplets are accepted in Bargah-e-RISALAT. Salallahu alaihiwasalam

Ustad e Zaman Hazrath Hasan Raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu got 3 Blessed sons

3. Hazrath MOULANA FAROOQ RAZA KHAN RadiaAllahu anhu

Yeh kyun kahuun mujh ko yeh ataa ho yeh ataa ho
Woh do ke hameshaa mere ghar bhar ka bhalaa ho

kalaam e Ustad e Zaman Hazrath Moulana hassan Raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu.


All The People Of Village Called Moulana Hasnain Raza khan With A Nick Name of Sahab So His Nick Name Become Popular As Sahab In The Family. he got married to the blessed daughter of Aala hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu.
Mufti-e-Azam RadiaAllahu anhu Dont Have Any Son alive, So He Loves Very Much His Cousins Allama Hasnain Raza Khan'S Sons.
{1} Huzoor Ameen-e-Shariyat, Hum shabi e Mufti e Azam, Hazrath Allama Sibtain Raza Khan Maddazillahul noorani.
{2} Ustadul Ulamma Mazhar e Mufti e azam Alamma Tahseen Raza Khan Mohaddis-E-Bareilly RadiaAllahu anhu
{3} Yadgar-E-Salf  Hazrat Alamma Maulana Mufti Habib Raza Khan RadiaAllahu anhu. 

These All Are Very Sufi Persons They Dont Want To Expose Themselves and have hidden themselves.

Once Mufti-e-Azam RadiaAllahu anhu Says That "Agar Allah Aulad De To Sahab Ke Beton Jaise De Teeno Bohat Khub Hain Ba Salahiyat Hain. SubhanAllah.

Blessed Birth

Huzoor Ameen E shariyat Hazrath sibtain raza Khan son of Mufti Hakimul Islam Khalifa-e-Aala Hazrat Hazrat Alamma Shah Hasnain Raza Khan (radi Allahu anhu), son of Ustad e Zaman, Hazrath Maulana Hasan Raza Khan (radi Allahu anhu), Brother of Imam-e-Ahle Sunnah, Mujaddid-e-Deen-o-Millat, Ash Shah Imam Ahmad Raza Khan (radi Allahu anhu) was born on the 2nd or 3 rd November 1927 , in the city of Bareilly Shareef, India.

Bismillah Khwani
his bismillah Khwani was done by Hazrath Alamma Moulana Mohammed Raza khan (Radia Allahu anhu) Youngest Brother of Sarkar Aala Hazrath Imam Ahmed Raza khan ( Radia Allahu anhu).

Huzoor Ameen E Shariyat attained most of his early education from His Blessed father Hazrath Hasnain Raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu and Spiritually from Huzoor Mufti e Azam e Alam Mustafa Raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu and He studied various branches of knowledge under the guidance of many Great Moulanas of that time Like:-

1. Sadrush Shariah Badrut Tariqah Hazrat Allama Amjad Ali Razvi RadiaAllahu anhu.

Huzoor Sadrush Shariah was born in 1296 A.H. and passed away in 1367 A.H. at the age of 71. He is author of “Bahare Shariat” which is the internationally renowned encyclopaedia of Hanafi Fiqh. This masterpiece is in twenty volumes and has been written in the Urdu language.

2. Hazrat Allama Moulana Sardar Ahmed Khan RadiaAllahu anhu Mohaddis e Azam Pakistan.

3. Hazrat Allama Moulana Qazi Shamsuddin Johnpuri RadiaAllahu anhu.
 he is the author of "Qanoon e Shariat"
4. Hafiz Abdul Rauf Balyami

5. Shiek ul Hadees Ghulam Mohammed Yaseen Poornavi Bihari

6. Moulana Zaheer Uddin Saheb

and had further studied 2 years of Hikmat from Aligarh University.

Mufti e Azam love towards Ameen e shariat

Mufti e Azam Mustafa Raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu Loved Huzoor Ameen e Shariyat as his own son and many occasions he mentioned in Public as his son, once as he was going to offer eid prayers, he called Hazrath Sibtain raza khan to come along with him, there he tied imama on the head of Hazrath Sibtain Raza khan, at that time he was the student of Madarsa of Huzoor Mufti e Azam, as one of the person who was unknown to him, asked Hazrath who is he? Mufti e Azam Replied he is my Son then he says son of Hasnain Raza.


He got khilafat from Huzoor Mufti e Azam e Alam Mustafa Raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu.
When Sarkar Mufti e Azam e Alam gave Khilafat to Huzoor Ameen e Shariyat he states in him as Al waladul Azeez Means Azeez waldun ( My Dearest Son) Hakeem Sibtain Raza khan.

Shifted from Bariely shareef to kanker Shareef

As per the instructions of Huzoor Mufti e Azam RadiaAllahu tala anhu , hazrath Sibtain Raza khan Left bareliy shareef and Settled in Kanker Shareef in the year 1963 and living there uptill now. May Allah Give Barkatein in his life and give him long life with good health Aameen

kanker was a jungle area at the time of his visit.he has spended his most of his life in the room next to Jama Masjid of Kanker Shareef, recently in 2008 he has been shifted from there to Raza nagar kanker shareef next to Masjid e Huzoor Ameen e Shariyat. he is from a big respectable and famous family but he has lead a so simple life as a common man and had so many hardships in his life for prorogation of Maslak e Aala Hazrat.

Spread of Maslak e Aala Hazrat

Hazrat has visited all over india, small cities and villages for the spread of Maslake Aala Hazrath, he has lead a so simple life and had so many hardships in the propagation of Maslak e Aala Hazrath, as the area which he lives and surrounded by was very backward area, he visited all the areas and when ever any one invites him, he goes to him, he don't make any differences of poor and rich and mostly he traveled by buses and train, in rickshaw as a common people, as he don't like to spend show off life and he lives a life in simple way, with simple clothing and give importance to a common people.

Hazrath has Married to a daughter of big saint from Nagpur Hazrat Mufti Abdul Rasheed Saheb RadiaAllahu anhu on the advice of Huzoor Mufti e Azam radia Allahu anhu, Huzoor Mufti e Azam RadiaAllahu anhu used to say, if some one wants to see a zinda wali go and see Mufti Abdul Rasheed saheb in Nagpur.

Her daughter is very pious lady and so many ladies come to her for duas and tawiz. and very strict ffollower of shariah and purdah, she never miss even tahajut namaz and have 3 daughters, one of his daughter got married to hazrath Asjad raza khan Son of huzoor Tajus shariah Hazrath Akhtar Raza Khan Saheb. and have 2 blessed sons.

1. Hazrath Allamma Moulana Salman Raza Khan Saheb
2. Hazrath Allamma Moulana Nowman Raza Khan Saheb

Wisal of Tajdare Ahle Sunnah

The shining star of Aa'la Hazrat, Ash Shah Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (radi Allahu anhu), the glitter and the hope for the hearts of millions throughout the world, the Mujaddid of the 15th Century, the Imam of his time, Huzoor Sayyidi Sarkaar Mufti-e- Azam-e-Hind (radi Allahu anhu) left the Aalame Duniya to Journey towards the Aalame Aakhira. It was 1.40 p.m. on the eve of the 14th of Muharram 1402 AH (1981).
Those who lowered Mufti-e-Azam-e-Hind (radi Allahu anhu) in his Qabr Shareef one of them was Huzoor Ameen E Shariyat Hazrath Sibtain Raza Khan Maddazillahul noorani have stated that they were continously wiping out perspiration from the forehead of Mufti-e-Azam-e-Alam Mustafa Raza khan (radi Allahu anhu) right up to the last minute.

Pilgrimage Visit to Haramain Sharifain and baghdad shareef:

Huzoor Ameen E Shariyat Hum shabi e Mufti e Azam, Mazhare Mufti e Azam Ash Shah Moulana Sibtain Raza Khan went six times for Hajj uptill now and while coming from hajj he used to go for Baghdad Shareef. 

Huzoor Ameen e Shariyat Hazrat sibtain Raza khan Maddazillahul noorani has recently came for umrah on 24 May 2014. 

on 24 May 2014 hazrat came to Madinah Shareef along with his eldest son hazrat Salman raza khan and his grand son hazrat Sufiyan raza and his khadim Moulana Ashraf Raza khan and Hazrat Hammad raza khan and many others. Alhamdulillah i was the luckiest to visit Masjid e Nabawi Salallahu alaihiwasalam with Hazrat. 

Naat Shareef:

Huzoor Ameen e Shariyat has written many Hamd, Naats and Manqabats in very early years when he was in bariely shareef, these all has been written before 1960 but because of his simplicity and don’t do things to gain popularity or any publicity, that’s why up till now he has never given any of his poetry to be published or recited. I asked so many times to Hazrath as I was working with print media in Dubai and I can publish them in newspapers, he instead said to put kalaam of Ustad e Zaman Hazrath Hassan Raza khan ( Radia Allahu anhu)

Na Kyun araishe karta Khuda Duniya ke saman ko


kalaam of Huzoor Mufti e Azam ( Radia Allahu anhu).

Please find below some of the kalaam Naats of Huzoor Ameen e Shariyat, Hazrat Sibtain Raza khan Maddazilahul Noorani which i got because of Hazrat Salman Raza khan Maddazilahul Noorani.

Kalaam e Murshid e Barhaq Huzoor Ameen e Shariyat Hazrat Sibtain Raza khan Quadri noori Maddazilahul Noorani.

1. Mujhe Chashme Rizwan udhar dhundti hai,

madine ko meri nazar dhundti hai..
meri ruh paunche gi taiba ko fauran,,

ye jibrail k balon par dhundti hai.

Mein Kyun Thokaren Darbadar Khaun Jakar,
Meri Aarzo Tera Dar Dhundti Hai
tumhare dayaro ki har ek masjid,,
azaan me bilali asar dhundti hai..

dume jang kehte the SIBTAIN HAIDER,

meri teg kafir ka sar dhundti hai..

2. Jis Shaks Par Nigahe Karam Ho Huzoor Ki, Barish ho Us Par Rahemat Rabb e Ghafoor Ki.

Mehboob Ins hi Nhai, Mehboob e Kul Ho tum, Hai Bekharar Hijr bhi Lakdi Khajoor Ki.

Hai Dil Mein mere Nakshaye Taiba Khincha Huwa, Khwaish Bhala ho Kya Mujhe Hoor o Kusoor Ki.

Thit ko Na Khauf e Jurm se, Jannat Ki Rah Lo. Aye Sada Yeah Shafae Youmun Nushoor Ki

Zulmat ka Kyun Nishan Ho, Shabistan e Daher Mein, Chitki huwi Hai Chandni Ahmed Ke Noor Ki

Sibtain Jam e Ishq Muhammed Piya Karo, Ta Hashr phir kami na ho Kaif o Suroor ki.

3.Haq Tala ne Unhi ka Bolbala Kardiya, Wasfe Aali aap ka Inna Fatehna Kardiya

Hai Zamin o Asman bhi aap ke Zere Nagee, Ek ishare Mein Qamar ko Bhi Do Nima Kar diya

Rooh e Alam Taab Shayad Benaqab hone ko hai, Chehrae Khursheed ko Jis ne Peela Kardiya

Mein hun Muslim Hai Bukhari Bar Zaban Mishkat Dil, Ismein Misbahe Muhammed Ne ujala Kardiya,

Barsare Shamsheer Mere Dagmagaye the Khadam, Rabb e Salim ki Sada ne Paar Beda Kardiya

hai Meri Mishkat Dil Mein, Unki Rifat Ka Chirag, Ae Nakirain us ne Marqad Mein Ujala Kar diya

Sirf Insa ka nahi Mehboob Sab Ka Kardiya, Aur sootune Khushk ko Bhi unpe Shaiyda Kardiya

Hashr mein Thi Pur Khatar Sibtain Ki Halat Magar, Unki Rehmat ne Sare Meezan Ishara Kardiya.

4. Bahar aie hai Jannat ki Madine ke bayaban Mein, Shaha woh Gul Ho tum Jisse ke Hai Nikhat Gulistan Mein

Naseeme Baghe taiba ghunchaye Gul ko Khilati Hai, Khushi Ke Shadiyane Bajrahe hai Har Ragejaan mein

Koi Kya Jaane Kya Rifat Hai tere Farqe Anwar ki

Kasam warid huwi Khake Khadam ki Tere Quraan Mein

Az Aadam Ta ba Issa aap hi ki abiyari se khile hai Phool Rahemat ke Nabuwat ke Gulistaan Mein

Nahi Hai Quwaate Parwaaz Jab roohul Quds ko Bhi, To Phir Kis ko Rasae ho Tumhare Raaz e Pinha mein

Tere Kuche Mein Marna Jab Hayate Javidani Hai, Mein Kya Majnu hun Jo Jaan du jakar Bayabaan mein

Tamanna Hai Tere Darbar mein Sibtain Ki Yah Rab, Ke uthun Hashr ke din Zumrae Ahmed Raz khan Mein

5. Khuld Gulistaan hai ek Shaaha tere Darbaar ka, Aftaab ek Zard Patta hai tere Gulzaar ka

Waah Kya Kehna hai Jalwa Tere Puranwaar Ka
Sau (100) Zaban se Madhkhwan hai Gul Tere Rukhsaar ka

Abrue Purkham bhi Kya hai Ahmed e Mukhtar ke, Razm Gahe Badar mein hai Mareka Talwar Ka

Gungunna na Karwatein barson badalna baar baar, deed ke Qabil hai Naksha aap ke Beemar ka

Aap ke Tahreer me Yah Sayyadi Ahmed Raza, Khoob Jalwa hai Ashiddao alal kuffar ka

Dushmanan e deen e Ahmed Zakhmon se abtak Choor hai, waar aisa sakht hai shaha teri Talwar ka

Aie Khuda Sibtain Ko Sibtain ka Khadim Bana, Aur Paekar Zulfeqaar e Haidare Karrar ka

6. Woh Mere Dil Mein hai Qurbaan aisi Khalwat ke, Woh Shamme Bazm hai Qurbaan aisi Jalwat ke

Mere Gunnah pe Daman hai Parda Poshi ka, Zahe Naseeb Mere Jurm or Nidamat ke

Male jo khaake Madina ko apne chehrae par, haseen zamane ke khwahaan ho uske surat ke

Qamar ko shak kiya khursheed tumne pher diya, Falak pe chal gaye sikke teri Hukumat ke

Tumhari Aqalon pe pathar Girohe bu lahebi, ke patharon ne bhi kalme pade risalat ke

Koi hai Kishte gul zard par hai aas bandhi, ki jhaale barsinge us par bhi abre rahemat ke

Chalo chalo Meri Jannat mein, Ranj o Gham kya hai, Yeh pyare pyare hai Irshad shah e Jannat ke

Woh Haath jake Yadullah se Mile Sibtain, Jo Daste Paake Nabi mein hai haath Bayat ke.

kalaam By Murshid e barhaq Huzoor Ameen e Shariat Hazrat Sibtain Raza khan Quadri Noori Hifzullah

Allah ko pasand hai aadat namaaz ki,

Mehboob hai Nabi Salallahu alaihiwasalam ko jamaat namaaz ki..

Lashkar ho tum khuda ke jamaat me aamilo,

fauji salaam hai ye jamaat namaaz ki..

Hai ambiya me khatme rasool Salallahu alaihiwasalam ka jo martaba,

vaisi ibaadaton me ibaadat namaaz ki..

Chamkenge dasto paaye mussalli baaroze hashr,

khul jayegi sabhi pe karamat namaaz ki..

Sajde... me the husain ki sar kar liya juda,

degi zamine sajda shahadat namaaz ki..

Mehshar me sabse pehle jise puchega khuda,

wo hai ibaadaton me ibaadat namaaz ki..

SIBTAIN ambiya Ahlesalaam va rasool Salallahu alaihiwasalam jis kadr hue,

karte rahe hai sab hi hidayat namaaz ki...

Allah hum sabko sahi maine me namaaz ada karne ki taufeeq ataa farmaye Aameen Summa Aameen

The miracle of a Wali is his complete compliance to the teachings of our beloved Nabi (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa Sallam). The steadfast adherence to the Shari’ah is the best Karaamat. A true Saint is righteous and follows the path laid down by the Holy Prophet Muhammed Mustafa (Sallallaho Alaihi Wa Sallam).

If you see the life of Huzoor Ameen e Shariyat Hazrath Sibtain Raza khan Maddazillahul noorani you will find all the qualities according to the Sunnah. He is always steadfast and firm on Shariat-e-Mustafa (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). Every minute in the life of hazrath Sibtain Raza is a Karaamat. Many books can be written about the Karaamats of him but because of my less knowledge and my inability i cannot write any thing about him, as up till now nothing has been written on him, i just started with my little and less knowledge that some thing should be written about my Master, Peer o Murshid. He himself is a living Karaamat but he always hide about his karamats and never give publicity on it and when ever any one of his mureeds say about his karamats he says I am a sinner this is nothing because of him, its all because of Grace of Allah. His karamats are very famous and who ever goes to him for dua, his wish has been fullfilled. who ever is ill and goes to him for cure. he get cured. with what ever intention and problems the people go and visit him its all get full filled.  one of his mureed from Raipur Ghulam e Sibtain bhai says, when we just go to hazrath with our wish in heart, with out saying it gets full filled and all our problems get solved. MashaAllah.

on 23 April 2003 i became the mureed of Hazrath Sibtain Raza Khan Saheb Qibla, at that time i was in Abu Dhabi, so i called Hazrath on Phone and became his Mureed, at that time Hazrath was in Bareily Shareef it was on the Ocassion of Urs e Aala Hazrath Imam Ahmed Raza Khan (Radi Allahu anhu) from that time i am in touch with Hazrath, i have seen so many Peers, they dont even remember there Mureeds and so many mureeds they cant even speak to there Peer but this is the simplicity and karam of Hazrath Sibtatin Raza Saheb that he speaks with every one and i used to call him once in a week.

 once one of my colleague from Pakistan Qaisar Rizwan bhai wants to speak to Hazrath Sibtain Raza khan Maddazilahu Noorani, i gave him Hazrath Number, when he called Hazrath and spoke to him and told him that i got ur number from Shamsuddin Bhai, so Hazrath says Yes he is my Mureed. In Shah Allah if Hazrath Remembers me in Qayamah and says that he is my mureed..... to phir beda paar hai....... nothing to be worried.

it was only 3 months of time passed, me having baith with Hazrat, that too i was in touch only by Phone. after becoming mureed i asked hazrath for shajrah. Hazrat has send me shajrah by post and also wrote a letter.

Your wishes Get fulfilled.

1. when i visited first time to Bariely shareef, to meet my Master Huzoor Ameen E Shariyat Hazrath Sibtain Raza khan Maddazilahul Noorani, i stayed in Hazrat house for 5 days, during my stay on Friday barber came for hair cut for Hazrath, Hazrath brought one chadar with him, and said to nai (barber) that this is for you and take this while going. but when i saw that chadar my heart felt for it and wish to have for me.

during hair cut hazrat said to barber that he will make kurta for him, then barbar said hazrat kya khaali kurta pahen ke jaunga. then hazrat says theek hai paijama bhi banadenge. such a simplicity of hazrat, he speaks very nicely and caring for all.

After cutting the hair barber left and hazrath told me to keep that chadar, he says i am not remembering this chadar either may be from Mazar of Huzoor e Samdani, Mehboob e subhani, Hazrath Sheikh Ghous e Azam Dastageer Radia allahu anhu Or Sarkar Aala Hazrath Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Radia Allahu anhu.

2. when i was leaving from bariely shareef in 2003 i asked hazrath for taweez for my peer bhai, Mohammed Imtiaz and for my sister, as hazrat will have difficulty in writing, i didn't ask taweez for my self, as i don't want to give pain to my Master, but my wish was there to have taweez for me from my Master. Hazrath went inside and brought taweez and said this is 1 for you and 2 for imtiaz and 3 for your sister. what ever you wish from heart, with out uttering from your mouth its get full filled.MashaAllah.

our hearts are like a mirror

Once Shakeel bhai of Bhilai brought one young man of age 20 to became a mureed, I have never seen hazrath refusing some one for making him baith, my all house members and my colleagues house members are hazrath Mureeds and you can find lakhs of mureeds of hazrath in India and other countries and still we see daily so many people comes from different places to get baith but Hazrath never refused any one for making him baith. but when shakeel bhai said to hazrath to make this young man mureed hazrath said leave it I am a sinner, and we found young man saying that i am still young this is not my age to became a mureed, then hazrath said never bring some one like that to became a mureed with out his wish. SubhanAllah Hazrath knows what this young man wish was that's why he refused to make him baith.

Got Driving Licence:
One of my Peer bhai Mohammed Imtiaz Razavi working in Abu dhabi, he was facing difficulty in getting Driving Licence, and he has spended lakhs of rupees to get it but it was in vain,its very difficult to get Driving license in Abu dhabi. when he said to Hazrath for Dua and due to his Dua he got the Licence and it happend the same thing with one of my other Peer bhai Shakeel bhai from Dubai, he was getting failed in the test of Driving licence but after Hazrath Duas he never got failed and he got Driving Licence.

Got state rank & District Rank
Mohammed Aves raza bhai says when he was in 12th in 2005 from that time he attempted 2 times for entrance exam for M.B.B.S but he missed and second time he missed with 2 marks and after that he was not having any wish to give again an entrance exam, when his father approached Hazrath for Duas, Hazrath says In shah Allah he will get marks this year. due to Hazrath Duas he got 63 state Rank and 1 Rank in District. MashaAllah by Dua of Hazrath he is doing M.B.B.S now. Aves bhai says

Allah aise MURSHID E BAR HAQ ka saaya hamare upar qayam rakhe aur aise hi PEER SAHAB ki nazre karam tamam GULAM E SIBTAIN PAR bani rahe. Aameen Summa Aameen.

One of My Peer Bhai Shakeel working in dubai, he was having some family Problems at home and some one did black magic on her sister and she got alright just because of Hazrath duas and Tawiz.

there are so many lakhs of families has taken benefits of Hazrath Tawiz and Duas. if we just started writing about hazrat tawiz it will be hundreds of pages, as every one has taken benefit of it and all of us living happily just because of Hazrath Duas and Tawiz.

Get Cured

there is one panjabi in kanker shareef, his son was not well and all doctors told that his disease is not curable and he brought his son to hazrat, Alhamdulillah with hazrat duas he got cured and Alhamdulillah now he is well and taking care of his father business.

during my stay in kanker shareef in january 2013, i have seen myself one of the hindu family brought his son, he was not well and day by day he was getting weak and doctors gave the word that its not curable. Alhamdulillah with hazrat duas he got cured.

Alamma Ashraf Raza Sibtaini Saheb, who lives with Hazrath, says one person came to Hazrat for tawiz as they were not having children and all doctors said its impossible to have children. but due to Hazrat Tawiz and Dua. he got blessed with children.

Hospitality and serving the Guest with his own hands.

I Mohammed shamsuddin, when ever i came to India on vacation , I have gone to Hazrath Place and got chance to be with him, he cares a lot for his guest and even at this age, he serve personally by his hand. At this age when he is about nearing 80 years, because of weakness he has stopped writing but when any one come and insist for taweez he writes it and gave to them, he forgets all his pains and will look for other pains, during one of my visit to kanker Shareef with my peer bhai Mohammed Imtiaz,this was my first visit to kanker Shareef, there was one person there, i said to him that i want to meet hazrath , he said that hazrath will meet at night after eisha prayers come at that time i will make u meet him, i got angry and straight away went to std booth opposite to jama masjid of kanker and call on hazrath number. i spoke to hazrath and told that i am waiting out side, hazrath came out and meet us. with out knowing how much pain we give but hazrath never say anything still he take care of us and next day when we were having our break fast, we shocked to see hazrath standing at the door with the tray in hand and tea cups, it was like some one has removed earth down our feets, i got up and took tray from hazrath hands and after breakfast took permission to go as we cannot give more pain to our master. this much he take care of guest and like to serve personally by himself and serving guest at the age of 79.

when i was staying at hazrath Place i have seen by Myself Hazrath take care a lot about guests feeding and sleeping, he never differentiate about rich and poor.

Giving warm clothes in winter

during one of my visits to hazrath Place, i stayed at raipur about 20 days, when i asked hazrath to give permission to leave, hazrath says because of my health i couldn't give much time to you and inquired about does i have any warm clothes, when i said i dont have any warm clothes. Hazrath went inside and brought his Sadri and gave it to me.

Sending off Guests.

in 2003 after staying in Hazrath house for 5 days in bariely shareef, i took permission from Hazrath for going back home, Hazrat said you can leave next day in the morning, next day after fajr and having breakfast i just had a little nap, when i woke up i saw hazrat was leaving from the room, then i woke up and went in the hall, hazrat was sitting there and hazrat made duas for me and said when you reach Allahabaad call me and let me know and after reaching hyderabad call me. then i came out, Hazrath came out of the house, to send me off and to get rickshaw for me, as it was raining i said Hazrath please i can take rickshaw by myself but Hazrat dint went, he was waiting out side to get a Rickshaw for me. when hazrath salman raza saheb came, he told to Hazrath Salman raza saheb to get a rickshaw for me and he went inside, this much hazrath care for guest that too an ordinary person a sinner like me.

we can see the same qualities in his blessed children, when ever i visit hazrat place and while i leave from there hazrat salman raza saheb will come out and send it off. the same quality i found in son of hazrat salman raza saheb, when i was leaving madinah shareef hazrat sufiyan raza came down and was there standing out side in hot with me to get a cab for me and waited till i got cab and left.

Taking Care
During my visit in 2003 at Hazrath place in bariely shareef i got a chance to pray friday prayers in Masjid e Noori beside hazrath and after prayers, when we were coming out of the mosque, hazrath wore his slippers but i couldn't find my slippers, hazrath waited at the stairs till i got my slippers and after i wore my slippers, we came back to Hazrath Place. 

Wisaal of Hazrat Sadrul ulamma Tahseen Raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu.

Sadrul Ulama, Mazhare Mufti-e-Azam-e Alam, ash shah mufti Moulana Tahseen Raza Khan (radi Allahu anhu) the Younger Brother of Huzoor Ameen e Shariyat Hazrath Sibtain Raza Khan Maddazillahul Noorani left the Aalame Duniya to Journey towards the Aalame Aakhira on friday 3 August, 2007 this shocking news spread through out the world, when i received a call from my Peer bhai from Dubai informing about this sad news, i was shocked, and to get confirmed, i called to Hazrath Salman raza khan saheb and got confirmation from him. then i left from hyderabad to Bariely shareef.

when i reached there, i found people on the roads they were waiting for blessed janaza of Hazrath, what we can heard at that time was Nare takbeer Allahu Akbar, Nare risalat Yah RasoolAllah Sallahualaihiwasalam, Maslake Aala Hazrath Zindabad and Huzoor Tahseen Raza Zindabad. 

people were on top of the buildings, outside the houses, just to have glimpse of blessed Janaza and all the shops were closed, lakhs of people came through out the world. this was my first time to saw that much crowd and i was thinking how i will be getting a chance to have the last deedar of Huzoor Tahseen raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu.

when i went to the house of My Master Hazrath Sibtain raza khan Maddazillahul Noorani, Hazrat was coming out of the house from there i went to burial place along with him. in the Presence of Huzoor Ameen e Shariyat Hazrath Sibtain raza khan MaddaZillahul Noorani & Huzoor Taju Shariah Mufti Akhtar raza khan Azhari Miya Maddazillahul Noorani, Hazrat Qamar Raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu and other members of khanwade Aala Hazrath and sons of Hazrath Tahseen Raza khan lowered hazrat Mufti Tahseen Raza Khan RadiaAllahu anhu in Qabar Shareef. 

Hazrath Salman Raza khan, Hazrath Nowman Raza khan, Hazrath Asjad Raza khan also participated in lowering Hazrath in Qabar shareef.

Huzoor Taju Shariah Visit

Recently in july 2011 Huzoor Taaju Shariah Hazrath mufti Akhtar Raza khan damatum barkatu alia visited kanker shareef, he states i have just came to see hazrath (Sibtain Raza) not for any programme. he was in kanker Shareef for one week. he says if any one wants to see zinda wali they can go and see Huzoor Ameen e Sharyiat hazrath Sibtain raza khan.

Huzoor Taju Shariah Hazrat Akhtar Raza khan Maddazillahul noorani said at the stage during the celebration of Jashn e wiladat e huzoor Ameen e shariyat at kanker shareef on 1 november 2012, he says Huzoor Ameen e shariat is wali e kamil and he is karamat of Huzoor Mufti e Azam and did dua Allah Huzoor Ameen e shariat ka saya Daraz farmaye Aameen.

Huzoor Tajush Shariyah and many other ulemmas come and visits hazrat place when ever hazrat is in raipur or kanker or bariely shareef.

Jashn e Wiladat e Huzoor Ameen e Shariat

Jashn e Wiladat e Huzoor Ameen e Shariat get celebrated with a grand on 2 & 3 November of every year.on 2nd and 3rd november 2011, in kanker Sharif it was celebrated with a grand and younger brother of hazrath Yadgar e Salf Huzoor Habeeb Raza khan Maddazillahul Noorani was the special guest came from bariely shareef and in his blessed lecture he told so many things related to his Blessed father Hakim ul Islam, Hazrat Hasnain Raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu and he also said that his beloved parents used to love huzoor Ameen e Shariyatt Hazrat Sibtain Raza khan more then us.

Hazrat Visit to Jagdalpur
There was a grand Programme in Jagdalpur in end of november 2011, where hazrat was there for 2 days and thousands of people took benefit of it and took baith on hazrath hand.

Qaul e Huzoor Ameen e Shariyat, Peere tariqat Hakimul islaam, Hazrat Ash Shah SIBTAIN RAZA Khan MaddaZillahul Noorani.

Maslak e Aala Hazrat hamare aqabir ka pasand dida naara hai,
iski mukhalfat ya isse nafrat shetani was-wase se kam nahi hai...


Moulana Ashraf raza khan says once i said to Hazrat to change the clothes as Kurta is not looking good as curry has fallen on it and there is a spot of it on the cloth. Hazrat says " kapda saaf ho yah ganda dil saaf hona chaiye"

Hazrat Visit to Banaras

hazrat recently visited to banaras via Varanasi on 14 September 2014, when hazrat arrived at babatpur international airport, nearly 40 cars and hundreds of followers came at the airport to welcome hazrat.

Hazrat visit to RajnandGaon Chattisgarh

Maslak e Ahmad Raza ke Pasbaan hai Sibtain Raza
Ahle Sunnat Ki Shaan Hai Sibtain Raza

Jo Dekhe Hojaye Gum Ishq e Ameen e Shariyat me
aisi Azeemushshaan hai Sibtain Raza

Gule Gulzaar e Razviyat, Naberay e Aala Hazrat, Rahbar e Shariyat, Peer e Tariqat, Huzoor Ameen e Shariyat Shabi e Mufti e Azam Ash Shah Sibtain Raza khan Maddazillahul Noorani
Aamad e Huzoor Ameen e Shariyat @ RajnandGaon Chattisgarh on 22 November 2014


(huzur amin e shariyat hazrat allama sibtain raza khan Noorani )

1-namaz khuda or bande ka rishta mazbut karti hai
2-namaz quran e pak ke tahaffuz ka ek zariya hai
3-namaz ijtima o tanzim ka pahla qadam hai
4namaz ka ek bada faida namaziyo ka ittehad hai
5-namaz hi me bar bar khuda ke wajud or uske azmat o jabrut ka mutala or apni farau tani ka amli sabut milta hai jo ruhe iman hai
6-namaz hamare tamam dukho ka ilaj or dardo ka madawa hai

Manqabat Dar shaan e Huzoor Ameen E Shariyat Hazrat Sibtain Raza khan Maddazillahul Noorani

ya khuda kar baland shah' sibtain' ko
zindagi waqf kar di nabi ke liye

mustafa kha raza ke hasi ladle
hain nabi ki ata hum sabhi ke liye

mufti e aazam e hid ke eeema(ishare) par
aaye kanker jo rahbari ke liye

jinke chehre pe talwo ke mas hote hi
kar diya hum shabih daimi ke liye

inka saya e shafqat salamat rahe
hain dua bas yahi hum sabhi ke liye

maslake alahazrat pe qaim raho
rahe jannat hai ye sunniyo ke liye

'ASHRAF ' karta rahe inki khidmat sada
k ye samane bakhshish hai tere liye

Manqabat written by Naberay e Huzoor Ameen E Shariyat wa Nawasa e Huzoor Tajhushariyah Shehzada e Hazrat Salman Raza Saheb Hazrat Sufyan Raza Saheb 

Hain Taj E Wilayat Wo Fakhr e Shariyat
Ameen e Shariyat Ameen E Shariyat

Sabhi Ke Dilon Par hai Jis ki Hukumat
Ameen E Shariyat Ameen E Shariyat

Hai Noorani Soorat Hai kya Noori Seerat
Ameen E Shariyat Ameen E Shariyat

Ke Noori Miya ki Hai Jis me Shabahat
Ameen E Shariyat Ameen E Shariyat

Hai Noori Miya Ki jo Zinda Karmat
Ameen E Shariyat Ameen E Shariyat

Khuda Rakhe Tumko Hamesha Salaamat
Ameen E Shariyat Ameen E Shariyat

Shafa'at karaenge Roze Qayamat
Ameen E Shariyat Ameen E Shariyat

Jhalakti Buzurgi hai Aisi wo Soorat
Ameen E Shariyat Ameen E Shariyat

Hai Sufyan Par jis ki Nazre  Inayat
Ameen E Shariyat Ameen E Shariyat

Sabhi Ne Milkar Yahi Kaha Hai Ameen e Shariyat Bade Sakhi hai
Jo Manga Jisne Use Mila Hai Ameen e Shariyat Bade Sakhi hai
Bada Yah Chota jo aye dar par, hain inki Nazro Me sab barabar
Sabhi pe inki Badi Aata hai Ameen e Shariyat Bade Sakhi hai

( Shayr e Islam Naim Raza tahseeni Saheb)

Mere Murshid Mere Rahbar Hazrat E Sibtain Hain
Sunniyon ki Dil Ki Dhadkan Hazrat E Sibtain Hain
Gulshan e Ahmad Raza khan Ka Mahakta Phool Ye
Ghouse o Khwaja ki Inayat Hazrat E Sibtain Hain

Tahir Raza Misbahi Saheb

Kalaam e Qaisul quadri razvi sibtaini

1. Hai sara mulk zamana Ameen e shariyat ka,
    jahaan sara diwana Ameen e shariyat ka 

,diwano jholiyan bharlo Sakhi ki rahmat se,
Hai kaam faiz lutana Ameen e shariyat ka,

Kahaan talaashte ho tum ae ahle dil aao
,tumhen bataun thikana Ameene shariyat ka,

Hain mast pee ke sabhi ye Gulaman e sibtaini,
Mujhe v jaam pilana Ameen e shariyat Ka,

Jo poochhe qabr me munkar sawal tumse koi,
Unhe tu shajrah dikhana Ameen e shariyat ka,

Hijabe rukh hai khodaya Mai kaise dekhu inhen,
Zara sa parda uthana Ameen e shariyat ka ,

Fida hain quadri noori wa razwi barkati ,
Hai aisa paak gharana Ameen e shariyat ka ,

Hai QAIS ki ye tamanna Dame naza`a ya rab ,
Wo noori chehra dikhana Ameene shariyat ka,,,,,

Dua ka talib,
Faizul aashqeen gulam Ahmad Raza Qaisul quadri razvi sibtaini,,,from odissa rajgangpuri

2.  Ya khuda Ameen e shariyat salaamat rahen
      Ya khuda Ameene shariyat salaamat rahen .

Faiz e murshid ho jari ta hashr khuda,
Naame sibtainiyat ta qayamat rahe ,

Muftie azame hind batla gae
Hai aziz ye beta yun farma gai ,

Bandha sarpe imama to mahka gai 

aisi sarki zehanat salaamat rahen ,

Janibe pae murshid lahad me khade
Dekha talwa adab se to choom pade,

Fir hijabe jahaan deed se uth gayi 

 wah Teri ye rif at salaamat rahen,

Kitne jinnat chokhat pe akar pade
Ba adab sar jhukaen hain insaa'n khade,

Teri shahi k aage hain dushman mare

 teri jaho jalalat salaamat rahen ,

Dard gham me tadap kar koi agaya
Teri rahmat ne dekha to josh agaya,

Ek nazar kya uthi gar bala tal gai
Teri maoje karamat 
salaamat rahen ,

Kya zameen aasman harsu charcha tera
Teri parcham ude har su aqa mera ,

Dhum teri jahaan me ae sibtain raza
Teri shane wilayat 
salaamat rahen ,

Marefat wa haqeeqat tariqat mile
Sab milakar ye Ameen e shariyat bane,

Inse razi nabi khush hain Ahmad raza
Ya khuda Ameen e shariyat salaamat rahen ,

Ho karam ho karam bahre Ahmad raza
Hun Ameen e shariyat mai tera gada ,

Kash farmaen murshid yun mujhse mere
Hashr me teri izzat salaamat rahe ,

Saiyadi murshidi maola aqa mera
Hai Ameene shariyat tu data mera ,

Chhod kar ab kahaa jaun mai dar tera,
Teri nurani chaokhat salaamat rahe ,

Ghar se jab mai chala leke naam tera
Har bala tal gaya jo tha sar pe ghira ,

Hai dua bas yahi shah sibtain raza
Roze mahshar bhi shafkat inayat rahe ,

Razwiyon kyun bhala tum pareshan ho
Aala hazrat k maslak k tum jaan ho,

Jab Ameen e shariyat pe qurban ho
Fir kyun dar khaof hasrat nidamat rahe ,

Hai tamannae dil maot ho Jo kabhi
Tere qadmo pe jhuk jae meri jabee'n

Chhod denge mujhe wo malayak sabhi
Gar teri nusrat rahmat zamanat rahe ,

Roze mahshar agar mujhse puchhe khoda
Bol qais raza sath laya hai kya ,

Arz kardunga laya hun ishqe raza
Ya khoda ye amanat salaamat rahe ,

Mere murshid karo apni ulfat ata
Teri chahat me tadpa karun mai sada ,

QAIS ki har tasawwur me tuhi basa
Teri nurani surat salamat rahe,

3.  Raat din yaad kar kar k tujhko
      Hogaya hun mai tera diwana ,

Bekhudi mai ye kisko sunaun
Mujhpe hansta hai sara zamana ,

Haal dil ka mai kisko bataun
Daage furqat kise mai dikhaun ,

Ek siwa mere murshid k yaaro
Kaon janega mere fasaana,

Almadad murshidi shah sibtain
Meri kashti bhanwar se nikalo

Doob jata hun nahre badi me
Jald aja ae mera safina ,

Hun nidamat k aansu me duba
Yaad karke gunahon ko apni 

Bakhsh wane khata darpe tere
Agaya hai ye tera  kamina,

Ek hunk si uthi mere dil me
Or chhalakne lage rukh pe aansu 

Aatishe ishq shola hua ab
Shah sibtain jalwa dikhana,

Marna jaun mai yun door rahkar
Kash qadmo me mujhko bulale,

Jae dam dekhte bas ye kahte
Kya hi accha hai mera thikana,

Qadri noori barkati razwi
Shohrwardi wa chishti habeebi 

In sabhon k hain anwar chamke
Banke tujhme hain yara nageena,

Zaoke dial ab hua parah parah
Shah sibtain dedo sahara,

Muztarib dil se roroke murshid
Gaa raha hun mai tera tarana,

Jee raha hun mai teri ata se
Hai sukoo' n dil me teri wafa se,

QAIS mohtaj hai firbhi Tera
Jabke khata hai Tera hi daana,

4. To haazir hai,Jald ajaeye jald ajaeye
Shah sibtain ab jald ajaeye

Bahre ishyan me girkar na bahjaun mai,
Shah sibtain ab jald ajaeye,

Bojh lade gunahon ka girne laga
Ah karke gunah mai to marne laga 

Paas tosha nahi raah hai pur khatar
Shah sibtain ab jald ajaeye ,

Hoke gumnam maojon me hun mai pada
Muntazir rue   deedar me hun  khada ,

Karke nurani chehra zulmaat par
Shah sibtain ab jald ajaeye ,

Aakhri waqt halate muflis me hun,
Kuch mile darde ulfat ye koshis me hun,

Marna jaun yun gurbat ki haalaat par,
Shah sibtain ab jald ajaeye ,

Meri qalbo jigar hai pasijne lagi
Zakhme nasoor banke fatakne lagi

Leke ajaeye kuch dawaae shajar
Shah sibtain ab jald ajaeye ,

Mai hua jabse tera diwana shaha
Ji nahi lagta bin tere ab to yahan 

Fir na jaaun kahi nafse shaitan par
Shah sibtain ab jald ajaeye ,

Raat din yunhi nagmat likhta rahun
Tu ishara kare or mai padhta rahun 

Fir to kahne ko irshad lutfe nazar
Shah sibtain ab jald ajaeye 

Par mai adna bhikari na hanjar hun,
Fir tere wasfe kaamil baya n kya karun

Hona jaie koi mujhse lagzish agar
Shah sibtain ab jald ajaeye .

Baad marne k mahshar me jab mai uthun
Tujhko dekhun to ajae dilko sukunka 

Nafsi nafsi ka alam hai jaun kidhar
Shah sibtain ab jald ajaeye ,

Roze mahshar swiraate gazab raah par
Dagmagata khada QAIS hai muntazar 

Girna jae ye sar pe gunah laad kar
Shah sibtain ab jald ajaeye

Lahrata rahega jhanda huzur Ameen e shariyat ka
Faizan rahega zinda huzur Ameen e shariyat ka 

Khul jaengi sab aqlen gustakh tere sarki
Jab sarpe padega danda Huzur Ameene shariyat ka ,

Dozakh kya jalaegi un razvi gulamo ko
Ho jiske galeme fanda huzur Ameen e shariyat ka ,

Khadim hai bada pyara sibtain raza tera
Ye kahta khuda wanda huzur Ameen e shariyat Ka
Likhta hi rahunga mai sibtaini sukhan dilse
Hai ishq ye avi zinda huzur Ameen e shariyat ka,
Hun bulbule Sibtaini maddahe raza v hun,

Hun QAIS mail ek rinda huzur Ameen e shariyat ka,

Hazraat agar aap ki dua shamil hoto kya hi behtar hota


Pyare raza k pyar Ameen e shariyat hain
Ilme raza k dhaar Ameen e shariyat hain ,

Qadri noori barkati k gulshan ka 

Ye ale raza gulzar Ameen e shariyat hain ,

Fazle rasool wa fazlullah wa acche miyaan
Inka hasee'n qirdar Ameen e shariyat hain ,

Mufti e azam hafize millat Hasnain raza,
Insab ka ek yaar Ameen e shariyat hain ,

Sadrul afazil sadre shariyah wa hashmat Ali,
In sabka ik hathyar Ameen e shariyat hain ,

Ustaze zaman rehan miya wa hamid raza ,
In barqe qalam ka dhaar Ameen e shariyat hain ,

Mustaqe nizami raise qalam wa mujahid ki
Ik qahre lalkar Ameen e shariyat hain ,

Kalpi or mahrara or bareili ka
Ek cheeta khunkhar Ameen e shariyat hain ,

Tahseen raza somaan raza or shah qamar
Inke gale ka haar Ameen e shariyat hain ,

Taoqeer raza ahsan raza toseef raza ,

Sab ale raza ka yaar Ameen e shariyat hain ,

Mahboob raza imran raza wa asjad k
Gumbad wa minar meene shariyat hain ,

Sufyan raza salman miya hammad raza
Or nomaan miya ka taar Ameen e shariyat hain ,

Mannani miya subhan raza shah azhari
Inse bade sardar Ameen e shariyat hain ,

Aao chalo Sibtainiyo lene faiz chalo ,
Bareili me wo dildaar Ameen e shariyat hain,

Gam na karo woh gam ko mitake rakhdega ,

Ek aisa gam khwar Ameen E  shariyat hain,

Qais raza ab mujhko koi v khof nahi ,
Dekh mere sarkar Ameen E shariyat hain

Bataoon ke kanker me kya mila hai
Wahan par Mere Peer Sibtain raza hai
Kare raksh kismat k is dar e mitti
khuda ne yahan bhej di aisi hasti
pahado me bhi phool aisa khila hai
Bhala hun bura hun tumhara hun nibha lijiye
Tumhara hun murshid tumhare dar pai to mangto ka mela laga hai.

Mangta hun Mein Tumhara Ya Ameen e Shariat
Kardo Karam Khudara Ya Ameen e Shariat

A Kanker Ke Waali Is Shehar Par Karam kar
Ye Shehar He Tumhara Ya Ameen e Shariat (Mohammad Shoyab Razvi)

Naam us ka bahut khoob he khud us ki Sana he
Sibtain Raza Waqai Sibtain Raza hein

Ab Aql ki Parwaz Use Choo Nahi Sakti
Sibtain Raza Aesi Bulandi Ka Sama hein

Baag e Firdaus se Udhar Mil Nahi Sakta
Wo Maalik e Jannat ki Muhabbat mein guma Hein

Puchiye sidra se Koi Bulandi Us ki
wo Martaba "Shoyab" Mere Sibtain Raza ko Mila he

Written by Mohammad Shoyab Razvi

Meri aankhon ke Samne, ho mere Peer Sibtain Raza
Unki khidmat mei bhool jaoon baaten jahaan ki
Wallah! Teri muskaan, mujhe Sab se pyaari
Youn hi Muskarate hi rehna, Mere Peer Sibtain Raza
Chehra hai noorani, aur batien hai Aali
hai adayen Mufti e Azam ki, tujh me Mere Peer Sibtain Raza
Aankhon ki thandak, aur har dil ka hein sukoon
Tera Noorani chehre ka deedar, Mere Peer Sibtain Raza
Shamsuddin ke dil ki dua hai Yahi , rahe sada salaamat tu,
Allah dey meri Umar tujhe, Mere Peer Sibtain Raza

Maslake AalaHazrath kya Hai yeh batlaya Hazrath Sibtain Raza ne,
Ghouse Azam Mehboob e Subhani se Milaya Hazrath Sibtain Raza ne,
Faize Mufti e Azam ka dariya bahaya Hazrath Sibtain Raza Ne,
Aala Hazrath Ka Parcham Lahraya Hazrath Sibtain Raza Ne,
Phakeero ko Ghani kiya Hazrath Sibtain Raza Ne,
Mujh aasi Shamsuddin ko Iman wala kiya Hazrath Sibtain Raza Ne.
Main Faqat Gunehgaar Hoon Magar,
Ameen -E-Shariath Sibtain Raza Say Hai Nisbat Meri,
Yeh Eik Rishta Hai Ju Meri Qismat Badal Deta Hai.
Yeh Eik Nisbat Shams tujhe Jannat me Lejayegi.
Yeh Eik ilteja hai Faqt Rahe salaamat sada Ameen e Shariat Hazrath Sibtain Raza. Aameen

Paekare rushdo hidayat hazrat e Sibtain hain , abru e sunniyat hazrat e Sibtain hain.
Khandan e Ala hazrat mai hai ronaq aap sai,aesi aala shaksiyat hazrat e Sibtain hain.
Hum shabi-e-Gaus e azam hain tajdare ahlesunnan,humshabi mufti-e-azam hazrat e Sibtain hain.
Aap kae dada shansha e sukhan Ustad-e-zaman,aur shahzada e hasnain hazrat e Sibtain hain.
Aap kae chacha mujaddi ibnai mujaddi hue,aur akhu e Sadrul ulama hazrat e Sibtain hain.
Mufti-e-azam nai farmaya azeez waladun aap ko, vo bakaramat shaksiyat hazrat e Sibtain hain.
Dar pae aaya jo bhi khali hath wapas na gaya,vo karam ka aesa dhara hazrat e Sibtain hain.
Dekh kar noorani chehra dil ko milta hai sukoon, husnai surat husnai seerat hazrat e Sibtain hain.
Aala hazrat kae gharanai mai na hai vilayat ki kami, dekhiye zinda wali hazrat e Sibtain hain.
Umr darazi ki dua har lamha karta hai Sohaib, uskae pyarae Taya abba hazrat e Sibtain hain.
Written By Hazrath Sohaib Raza khan Quadri Bareilyi

Jo Bhi Chaho Woh Milega Yeh Faizan e Sibtain Raza hai
Mila Mujhe Sab kuch, Yeh Faizan e Sibtain Raza hai
Shams ke dil ki dua hai yahi Jari rahe Tah Qayamat Faizan e Sibtain Raza
aur Rahe Salaamat Sada Mere Peer o Murshid Hazrath Sibtain Raza

hum shabi e mufti e azam mere Sibtain raza.
Nayabe gous e azam mere Sibtain raza.
Ak ak adaye sunnate mustafa (salallahu alaihiwasalam) nibha rahe hain
ameen e shariyat hamare sibtainraza.
Faiz e ahmed raza or mufti e azam mangto ko bat rahe hain pyare sibtain raza.
Hum sub ki dua h rahain salamat har ghadi mere sibtain raza.
Tamna e Adil h ho jaye mujh ko didar unka, hain jinda wali hamre sibtainraza (Mohammed Adil Khan Tahseeni)



Peer Mere Huzoor Ameen e Shariat Hazrath Sibtain Raza
Woh Hai Mere Aaqa, May Hoon Un Ka Ghulaam
Chahite Aala Hazrath Aur Ustad e Zaman Ke
Haqiqat Mei Hai Laadle Mufti e Azam Ke
Shamsuddin ki Dua hai Yahi Rahe Salaamat Sada,
Peer Mere Huzoor Ameen e Shariat Hazrath Sibtain Raza (Aameen)
Rehnuma E Deen O millat Aap Sa Milta nahi,,
Jaanasheen e Aala Hazrat Aap Sa Milta Nahi
Aap He Ameen E Shariyat, Aap He Abd e Rasool,,
Hamshabhi e Mufti e Azam Aap Sa Milta Nahi (Shoyab Razvi )

SIBTAIN wo kali hai jo bani to BAREILLY me hai, aur phool ban kar mehki hai KANKER ki sar zamin par...

Mustafa jane rehmat pe lakhon salaam,

shamme bazme hedayat pe lakhon salaam,

Daldi Qalb me Azmate Mustafa

sayyadi Aala Hazrat pe lakhon salaam,

Sayyadi Murshidi Shah Sibtain Raza

Mazhar e Mufti e Azam pe Lakhon Salaam.

Main Ghulam hoon Shah Sibtain Raza ka,

Mujhay kisi aur jagirdari ki chahat nahin hai,

Shah Sibtain Raza ne Aisa Bhara Daman Sabka,

Kay ab kisi or dar se mangnay ki zarurat nahin hai.

Bekas o Majboor Na Samjhe koi Mujhe, Mujh Par faizan e Sibtain Raza hai,

Shah Sibtain Raza ka aisa Karam Huwa, Unke Ghulamon mein Mera naam Huwa

Yah Ilahi Sada Salaamat Rahe Mere Huzoor Shah Sibtain Raza

Yahi Dua hai Ghulame Sibtain Raza (Shamsuddin) ki.(Aameen)

Mustafa Raza ka Dulara Ash Shah Sibtain Raza, Raza ka Pyara Ash Shah Sibtain Raza,

Ustad e Zaman Ka Pyara Ash Shah Sibtain Raza, Hasnain Raza ka Pyara Shehzada Ash Shah Sibtain Raza,

Ghum Nahi Mujhko Hashr ka, Hai Madad ko Hamare ash Shah Sibtain Raza,

Yah Ilahi Sada Salaamaat Rahe Ash Shah Sibtain Raza, Yehi Dua hai Ghulaman e Ash Shah sibtain Raza Shamsuddin ki
Yeh Sab Mere Murshid Tumhara Karam hai, Ilahi Na Choote Daman e Murshid ka,

Yeh Jab se Mila hai, Karam Hi Karam hai, Yeh Shamsuddin ki dua hai

Rahe Sada Salaamat Mere Murshid Sibtain Raza (Aameen)

Naam us ka bahut khoob he khud us ki Sana he

Sibtain Raza Waqai Sibtain Raza hein

Ab Aql ki Parwaz Use Choo Nahi Sakti

Sibtain Raza Aesi Bulandi Ka Sama hein

Baag e Firdaus se Udhar Mil Nahi Sakta

Wo Maalik e Jannat ki Muhabbat mein guma Hein

Puchiye sidra se Koi Bulandi Us ki

wo Martaba"Shoyab" Mere Sibtain ko Mila he
(Mohammed Shoyab Razvi)

Mangta hun Mein Tumhara Ya Ameen e Shariat

Kardo Karam Khudara Ya Ameen e Shariat

A Kanker Ke Waali Is Shehar Par Karam kar

Ye Shehar He Tumhara Ya Ameen e Shariat

shaho ke saha mere sibatin raza

karam ke payale mere sibtain shah

walah hai mustafa raza ke dulare mere sibtain raza

hussnain ke shahzade mere sibtain shah...

do sadka mustafa raza ka mujhko mere sibtain raza

hu mangta apke dar ka mai mere sibtain shah...

jaise gulami me rasollah ke the bilal habsi

waise he hazir rahu gulame me may apke mere sibtain shah...

wasta gaus e azam ka hai apko mere sibtain raza

rakhna hath mere sir per har dum aye mere sibtain shah....

tamana e didar hai humsabhe aye mustafa raza ke mere sibtain raza

karado didar warnaz mar jaunga roh roh kar aye mere sibtain shah...

bhardo mere jholi bhardo aye mere sibtain raza
kaha jaye apka ramiz khane jhidkiya aye mere sibtain shah....



Mankabat Nabeere Aala Hazrat Huzoor Ameen-e-Sharait Sibtain Raza Khan.

Ba Roze Qayamat Huzoor Ameen E Shariat,
dilainge Jannat Huzoor Ameen E shariat
Raza Ki Karamat Huzoor Ameen E Shariat

Mere Murshid ki Shaan Mat Poocho

kya hai unka muqam mat poocho

Paake daman sanwar gayi qismat

aisi nisbat ki baat karta hun

Mein Aqeedat ki baat karta hun
Shah Sibtain Kya mile mujh ko
Mustafa khan raza mile mujh ko
 Razvi barkati quadri bhi mile
Aisi nisbat ki baat karta hun
Mien aqeedat ki baat karta hun
Mera Peer Shah Sibtain Ek Wali e Kamil Hai
Dhoondha inke jaisa magar doosra nahi milta
written by Syed Abdul Qadir Saheb 
dekho Yeah faiz o karam Sibtain Raza ka
Kanker bana baghe iram Sibtain Raza ka
Us Ghar mein huwi Rahmaton anwar ki barish
Jis Ghar mein bhi Pahuncha hai Khadam Sibtain Raza ka

By Sayed Abdul Qadir Saheb

kanker ki shan hazrate Sibtain Raza hai
Aal e Ahmad Raza  hazrate Sibtain Raza hai
Shariyat ke paband hazrate Sibtain Raza hai
laqb hai jinka huzur Amine Shariyat wo hazrate. Sibtain Raza hai

ghulam hai jinka mohammad raza joya wo hazrate sibtain hai

 Haseen Chand si Soorat ku Dekhte Rahena
Rukhe Ameen E Shariat ku Dekhte Rahena

har ek ada hai Dhali Sunnaton ke Saanche mien
Hamare Peer e Tareeqat ku Dekhte Rahena

Rukhe Ameen e Shariat ku Dekhte Rahena

Akela Bhari hai Dushman ki har jamaat par
Raza ke sher ki Himmat ku Dekhte Rahena

Shamma hai ek Lakhon hai inke Parwane
Kamale Shaan e Jalaalat ku Dekhte Rahena

Bahare Gulshane Duniya ku Bhool Jaoge
Ghulame Shah e Risalat ku Dekhte Rahena

khadam khadam Pe yahan Rahmatien barasti hai
Shafeeq Khuda ki Inayat ku Dekhte Rahena
 Naaz Takwe ko jispe hai wo Paarsa
Jiske Aaba-o-Ajda huye auliya
Wo hai Sibtain Raza 
Wo hai Sibtain Raza

Jinko Amin-e-Shariyat se Jana gaya
Jinke Chehre se Phoote Noorani Ziya 

Wo hai Sibtain Raza 
Wo hai Sibtain Raza


Ap hai sartaje millat hazrate sibtain raza
Sarparaste ahle sunnat hazrate sibtain raza
Dekh kar dil ki kali sabki khili hai wah 
Aa gaye hai bade muddat hazrate sibtain raza
Ye bhi us sehne gulistan k hansi ik phul hai
Tukdae dil aala hazrat hazrate sibtain raza
Aapki aamad se is dharti k zarro ko huzur
Mil gai hai kaisi rifat hazrate sibtain raza



Noori Surat Noorani chehra Mere Dil Mein Basa hai Sibtain Raza he ka chehra
Behoshi me sab bhool jate hai us halat me bi na bhula mein Sibtain Raza ka Chehra
Sab  aankh khule rakhe hai, Deedar ke liye maine aankh band karke bhi dekha Sibtain Raza ka Chehra
Sab ka chehra berang nazar aya jab se maine dekha Sibtain raza ka chehra
Gaur se dekho Aaqil ki nigaho mein iske aankho may basa hai Sibtain Raza ka chehra

Wisaal:- Naberay e Aala Hazrat, Jigar Gosha e Hasanain Raza, Hum Shabi e Mufti e azam, Huzoor Ameen e Shariyat Ash Shah Sibtain Raza Khan Quadri RadiaAllahu anhu Left this temporary world on 26th Moharam 1437 dated 9th November 2015.

on 8th November, 2015 Khadim e Huzoor Ameen e Shariyat, Moulana Ashraf raza saheb asked permission to go to his home in raipur, hazrat gave the permission and said. aap aap ke ghar chale aur hum hamare ghar chale. Hazrat told about his wisaal one day before to Moulana Ashraf Saheb but he couldn't understand.


The following an ancestral tree of Huzoor Ameen-e-Shariat, Hum Shabi e Mufti e Azam, Hazrat Allama Moulana Muhammad Sibtain Raza Khan Qadiri Noori Hifzullah is carefully constructed from the authentic Books of Genealogy and meticulously scrutinized with references to other books in this field. The ancestors were compared with dates and periods found in books written by Historians who were masters in this field. The following points were noted before compiling the Ancestral tree:

- Preference was given to books compiled by Historians of Afghan descent/origin as they knew their descendants better than others.

- Furthermore, amongst the Afghani Historians, preference was given to Historians that belonged to the Bar'hech tribe as Hazrat belongs to the Bar'hech tribe.

- There is not much dispute in the Chain of the Ancestral tree from Sayyiduna Nabi Adam Alaihis Salam to Sayyiduna Nabi Ishaq Alaihis Salam

- The chain of the Family tree from Sayyiduna Nabi Ishaq Alaihis Salam to Hadrat Malikaloot was extracted according to the citation found in the books of authors who belonged to the Bar'hech tribe. This was so because people of a tribe will have more genuine information of their ancestors in relation to others of different tribes.

- There is a consensus in Books of Ancestral trees from Hadrat Malikaloot to Sayyiduna Qais Malik 'Abdur-Rashid RadiaAllahu anhu and so is the case from Sayyiduna 'Abdur-Rashid to Bar'hech.

- From Bar'hechill Hadrat Shuja'at Jang Muhammad Sa'eedullah Khan the genealogy was extracted from Khulasatul-Ansab, Akhbar al-Sanadid and Bustan-e-Hikmat, whose authors are not only Afghanis, but belonged to the Bar'hech tribe.

This is how cautiously this Family tree from Sayyiduna Nabi Adam Alaihis Salam till Huzoor Ameen-e-Shariat Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Sibtain Raza Khan Qadiri Noori Hifzullah was constructed.

The Ancestral tree is as follows:

Huzoor Ameen-e- Shariat Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Sibtain Raza Khan Qadiri Noori Hifzullah

S/O Hakim ul Islam Hazrat Allamma Moulana Hasnain Raza Khan RadiaAllahu anhu

S/O Ustad-e-Zaman Hazrat Moulana Hasan Raza Khan radia Allahu anhu (Brother of Imam Ahmed Raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu)

S/O Ra'isul-Atqiya Imam Muhammad Naqi 'Ali Khan RadiaAllahu anhu

S/O 'Arife-Billah Imam Raza 'Ali RadiaAllah anhu

S/O Mawlana Hafiz Kazim 'Ali, S/O Mawlana Sha Muhammad A'zam Khan

S/O Mawlana Muhammad Sa'adat Yaar Khan, S/O Shuja'at Jung Muhammad Sa'idullah Khan Bhadur Qandhari, S/O Abdur-Rahman Khan, S/O Yusuf Khan Qandhari, S/O Dawlat Khan, S/O Badal Khan, S/O Da'd Khan, S/O Bar'hech Khan, S/O Sharfud-Deen 'Urf Shar'haboon, S/O Ibra'him 'Urf Sard'bun, S/O Sayyiduna Qais Malik 'Abdur-Rashid Sahabi radiaAllahu anhu, S/O Ays S/O Salool, S/O Utba, S/O Na'eem, S/O Marra, S/O Malik Jalandar, S/O Malik Askandar, S/O Zaman, S/O 'Unais, S/O Bah'lool, S/O Sa'lam, S/O Salah, S/O Qaroon, S/O Nasr, S/O Ashmu'ail, S/O Na'eem, S/O Akram, S/O Ash'ath, S/O Sharood, S/O Makhal, S/O Nusrat, S/O Qalaj,
S/O Sher, S/O Atham, S/O Faylool, S/O Karam, S/O Amaal, S/O Hudayfa, S/O Mat'hal, S/O Qabal, S/O 'Ilm Or 'Aleem, S/O Ash'mool, S/O Haroon, S/O Qamar, S/O Abi, S/O Su'heb, S/O Alal, S/O Lu'ee, S/O Ameel, S/O Araj, S/O Arzand, S/O Mandool, S/O Saleem Or Sa'lam, S/O Afghana, S/O Sarad Al-Muqallab Bi Malikaloot, S/O Qais S/O 'Utbah, S/O Alas S/Ou'ail, S/O Yahoodah, S/O Sayyiduna Nabi Ya'qoob Alaihis Salam, S/O Sayyiduna Nabi Ishaq Alaihis Salam, S/O Khaleelullah Sayyiduna Nabi Ibra'him Alaihis Salam, S/O Ta'rikh, S/O Makhood Or Nahoor, S/O Shuroo' Or Ash'ragh,
S/O Sayyiduna Nabi Hood Alaihis Salam, S/O 'Abir S/O Sha'lakh, S/O Araf'khashad, S/O Saam,
S/O Sayyiduna Nabi Nooh Alaihis Salam [Age: 1400 Years]

S/O La'lak [Age:780 Years]

S/O Malik Matla'shakh [Age: 900 Years]

S/O Sayyiduna Nabi Idris Alaihis Salam, S/O Bayarad, S/O Mahla'heel, S/O Qay'nan, S/O Anoosh, S/O Sayyiduna Nabi Sheeth Alaihis Salam[Age: 912 Years]

S/O Sayyiduna Nabi Adam Alaihis Salam [Age: 900 Years]

Ridwanullahi Tabaraka wa Ta'ala Alaihim Ajma'een]

Ameen-e-Shariat belongs to the Afghani Bar'hech tribe which was of Royal Descent. He was indeed a very respectable and noble tribe in Afghanistan. Great 'Ulama and Masha'ikh hailed from his dignified tribe whose Mazars are still a center of solace and spiritual enlightment for the people both in Afghanistan and Hindustan. A separate detailed book can be written about these great dignitaries. Since this a very brief introduction of Ameen-e-Shariat, therefore no details will be recorded therein. However, an important point to note is that in the ancestry of Ameen-e-Shariat, there are eight Prophets and one Sahabi. The Prophets are:

1) Sayyiduna Nabi Ya'qoob Alaihis Salam

2) Sayyiduna Nabi Ishaq Alaihis Salam

3) Khalilullah Sayyiduna Nabi Ibra'him Alaihis Salam

4) Sayyiduna Nabi Hood Alaihis Salam

5) Sayyiduna Nabi Nooh Alaihis Salam

6) Sayyiduna Nabi Idris Alaihis Salam

7) Sayyiduna Nabi Sheeth Alaihis Salam

8) Sayyiduna Nabi Adam Alaihis Salam

The one Sahabi is Sayyiduna Qais Malik 'Abdur-Rashid Sahabi RadiaAllahu anhu . He is the 43rd descendant of Afghana and 45th descendant of Hadrat Malikaloot. Qais bin 'Ays lived in the mountain of Ghour. In one of the Expeditions of Sayyiduna Khalid ibn Walid RadiaAllahu anhu , he became interested in Islam. So he took some of the leaders of Afghanistan and wento Madina al-Munawwara. They met the beloved Prophet Salallahu alaihiwasalam and immediately accepted Islam on his sacred hands. Sayyiduna Rasoolullah salallahu alaihiwasalam then said to him: "Qais is a Hebrew word and I am an Arab." The Prophet Salallahu alaihiwasalam gave him the Islamic name 'Abdur-Rashid. The Habib further said: "You are the Awlad of Malik Taloot whom Allah blessed with the title of Malik (King). in the future you too will be remembered with the title of Malik." This is how he got the title of Malik from the office of Prophethood salallahu alaihiwasalam .

It was in the Madinan period that the Beloved Nabi salallahu alaihiwasalam was planning for the conquest of Makka and appointed Malik 'Abdur-Rashid RadiaAllahu anhu and the other Afghani Sahabi ast he lead of the secret service scouts of the army led by Sayyiduna Khalid ibn Walid RadiaAllahu anhu . The Afghani Mujahids displayed their astonishing bravery in the battle of Makkah Shareef. Sayyiduna Malik 'Abdur-Rashid Radia Allahu anhu himself killed 70 Kuf'far in this battle. His role and bravery in this war brought great joy to the heart of the Beloved Prophet salallhu alaihiwasalam who predicted that a great family will emerge from the off-springs of this Sahabi. They will be steadfast on religion and will strengthen the Din of Islam like Bataan (conqueror with great bravery or Military Advisor). It was the effects of this Du'a of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah salallahu alaihiwasalam that great 'Ulama and Masha'ikh were born in the lineage of Sayyiduna Malik 'Abdur-Rashid RadiaAllahu anhu

To name a few, some other stars in the firmament of excellence were the great Mujaddid, Aala-Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza al-Qadiri RadiaAllahu anhu, Ustad e Zaman Hazrat Hasan Raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu, Ghawth al-Zaman Mufti A'zam Imam Mustafa Raza al-Qadiri Noori RadiaAllahu anhu, Hazrat Hasnain Raza Khan RadiaAllahu anhu, Huzoor Ameen e Shariat Hazrat Sibtain Raza Khan Maddazilahul Noorani , & Sadrul Ulama Tahseen Raza khan RadiaAllahu anhu and Huzoor Taju Shariah Hazrat Akhtar Raza Khan Azhari Miya Maddazilahul Noorani. Their services to the Deen is known to the Muslim World and precisely the manifestations of the Du'as of the Beloved Prophet Salallahu alaihiwasalam

Since the Beloved Nabi's Salallahu alahiwasalam Du'a for the Awlad of Sayyiduna Malik 'Abdur-Rashid RadiaAllahu anhu was that they will strengthen the Deen and their strength will be like Bataan, from that day on he became famous by the title of "Bataan". This word Bataan in later days changed to the present day name "Pathaan". Eventually, the Awlad of Sayyiduna Malik 'Abdur-Rashid Radia Allahu anhu then became synonymous by the word Pathaan. This is how the word Pataan can into existence. Sayyiduna Malik 'Abdur-Rashid RadiaAllahu anhu married Mutahira, the daughter of Sayyiduna Khalid ibn Walid Radia Allahu anhu , and he passed away at the age of 87 years.





Bismillah hir rahman nir raheem

Ya Ilahi Rahem Farma Mustafa Salallahu alaihiwasalam Ke Waaste
Ya Rasoolallah Salallahu alaihiwasalam Karam Ki'jiye Khuda Ke Waaste.

Mushkile Hal kar Shahe Mushkil Kusha Ke Waaste
Kar Balaa-e-Rad Shaheede Karbala Ke Waaste.

Sayyid-e-Sajjaad Ke Sadqe me Saajid Rakh Mujhe
I'lm-e-Haq deh Baaqir-e-I'lm-e-Huda Ke Waaste

Sidqe Saadiq Ka Tasadduq Saadiqul Islam Kar
Be Ghazab Raazi hoh Kaazim aur Raza Ke Waaste

Bahre Ma'roof wa Sirri Ma'roof de Be'khud Sirri
Jund-e-Haq me Ghin Junaid-e-Baa Safa Ke Waaste

Behre Shibli Shere Haq Duniya Ke Kutto Se Bacha
Ek ka Rakh Abde-Waahid Be Riya Ke Waaste

Bool Farah Ka Sadqa Kar Ghum ko Farha de Husn wa Sa'ad
Bool Hassan aur Bu Saeede Sa'ad-e-zaa Keh Waaste

Qaaderi Kar Qaaderi Rakh Qaaderiyo me ut'ha
Qadre Abdul Qaadire Qudrat Numa Ke Waaste

Ahsanal laahu Lahu Rizqan se de Rizqe Hassan
Banda'e Razzaaq Taajul Asfiya Ke Waaste

Nasraabi Saaleh Ka Sadqa Saaleho Mansoor Rakh
De Hayaat-e-Deen Muhiy'ye Ja Fizaa Ke Waaste

Toor-e-Irfaan wa Uloo wa Hamd wa Husna wa Bahaa
De Ali Moosa Hassan Ahmed Bahaa Keh Waaste

Bahr-e-Ibraheem Mujh Par Naar-e-Ghum Gulzaar Kar
Bheek De Daata Bhekaari Badsha Keh Waaste

Khana'e Dil ko Zia De Roo'e Imaan Ko Jamaal
Sheh Zia Maula Jamaalul Awliya Ke Waaste

Deh Muhammad Keh Liye Rozi Kar Ahmad Keh Liye
Khaane Fazlullaha se Hissah Gada Ke Waaste

Deeno Duniya Ki Mujhe Barkaat de Barkaat se
Ishqe Haq de Ishqi-e-Ishq Intima Keh Waaste

Hubbe Ahle Bait de Aale Muhammad Ke Liye
Kar Shaheede Ishqe Hamza Peshwa Ke Waaste

Dil Ko Ach'cha Tann Ko Sutra Jaan Ko Pur noor Kar
Ache Pyaare Shamsuddeen Badrul Ula Ke Waaste

Do Jaha me Khaadime Aale Rasoolullah Kar
Hazrate Aale Rasoole Muqtada Ke Waaste

Noor-e-Jaan wa Noor-e-Imaan Noor-e-Qabro Hashr De
Bul Husain-e Ahmade Noori Liqaa Ke Waaste

Kar 'Ata Ahmad Raza eh Ahmade Mursal Mujhe
Mere Maula Hazrate Ahmad Raza Ke Waaste

Saaya-e Jumla Mashaa'ikh Ya Khuda Hum Par Rahe
Rahem Farma Aale Rahman Mustafa Ke Waaste



Yah Ilahi de mujhe Sibtain Ahmed ki Raza
Mere Aqaa shah Sibtain Raza ke waasteh

Sadqa In Ay'ya Ka de Che Ain Izz I'lmo Amal
Afwo Irfaa Aafiyat is Be nawaa Ke Waasteh


The above Shajrah Shareef is to be recited once daily after Fajar Salaah followed by the following Khatam Shareef.

(a) DUROOD-E-GHAU'SIYA - 7 times
(b) SURAH FATIHA - 1 time
(c) AYATUL KURSI - 1 time
(d) SURAH IKHLAAS - 7 times
(e) DUROOD GHAU'SIYA - 3 times

When you have completed reciting these, send the Thawaab to the Sayyiduna Rasulullah (salallaahu alaihi wasallam) all the Mashaa'ikh of your Silsila, and the Muslim Ummah in general. If your Peer-o-Murshid is still alive, make Dua for his good health, prosperity and spiritual advancement. If he passed away, then include his name in the Fatiha and make Dua for him and yourself on behalf of him. .

The following Waza'if is known as Panj-e-Ganj-e-Qaderi which should be
read daily after every Salaah. First, read 3 times Durood-e-Ghausiya, then
the specific Waza'if 100 times, terminating with Durood-e-Ghausiya 3 times.

After Fajr Ya Azeezu Ya Allah
After Zohar Ya Kareemu Ya Allah
After Asar Ya Jabbaaru Ya Allah
After Maghrib Ya Sattaaru Ya Allah
After Esha Ya Ghaf'faaru Ya Allah

By continuous reciting of these Waza'if, you will receive great Barkaat and
spiritual pleasure in this world and Akhira

Also After Fajr and Maghrib Salaah, it is Strongly Recomended to Recite
the Following Waza'if each 10 Times with Durood Shareef before and after:

Hasbi'yallahu La Ilaha il’la Huwa. Alaihi Tawaq Qaltu Wa Huwa Rabbul
Arshil Azeem. 

Rabbi Inni Massaniyad Durru Wa Anta Arhamur Raahimeen

Rab'bi Inni Maghloobun Fantasir Sayuhzamul Jam'u Wa
Yu-walloonad Dubur
Allahuma Inna Naj Aluka Fi Noorihim Wa
Na'oozo Bika Min Shuroo Rihim.

If you continuously recite these Waza'if, Insha Allah, all your Jaa'iz desires
will be fulfilled and you will always be protected from your enemy.

Before commencing the Panj-e-Ganje Qaderi you may recite the following
Wazifa once. This will protect you from enemies & witchcraft, etc.

Bismillah hir Rahmaanir Raheem. Wash Shamsa Wal Qamara Wan
Nujooma Musakh'kharatim Bi Amrihi Alaa Lahul khalqu wal Amru
Tabaarakallahu Rabbul Aalameen. Gird-e-man Gird-e-Khaan-e-man Wa
Gird-e-Zan Wa Farzan daan-e-man Wa Gird-e-Maal Wa Dostaan-e-man
Hisaar-e-Hifaazat Tu Shud Wa tu Nigahdaar Baashi. Ya Allahu Bihaqqe
Sulaimaanabne Dawood Alaihimas Salaam Wa Bihaqqe Ahyan
Ashraahiyan Wa Bi Haqqi Aliqam Maliqan Taliqan Anta Ta'lamu Ma fil
Quloobi Wa Bihaqqi Laa Ilaaha illal Laahu Muhammadur Rasoolullahi
Wa Bihaqqe Ya Mu'minu Ya Muhaiminu Sallal laahu ta'ala alaihi wa
Aa'lihi Wa Sah'bihi Wa Sallam

Note: After reciting this once, blow on the Shahaadah finger of the right hand
and move this finger in a circle around the right ear for an odd number of
times e.g. once, thrice or seven times. This will protect you from all evil


These Wazifas are read if you desire something:


Recite this Wazifa 874 times with 11 times Durood Shareef before and after.

Make sure that you are in Wudhu, sit in the Tashahhud position and face the
Qibla. Read this Wazifa everyday until your problem is solved.


Read this Wazifa daily 450 times with 11 times Durood Shareef before and
after. It must be read continuously when one is depressed.


This wazifa should be recited 111 times after Esha Salaah with 11 times
Durood Shareef before and after. This Wazifa is read with a desire to
overpower one's enemies.

In connection with these 3 Wazifas, the following should be kept in mind:
Recite these Wazifas according to their specific amounts as indicated, e.g.
874; 450 and 111.

The first two Wazifas can be read at any time during the day.
The third Wazifa must be recited only after Esha Salaah.
For the sake of Barakah (to those who do not have any problems), one may
read the first two Wazifas 100 times each with 3 times Durood Shareef
before and after daily.


The following Zikr is known as Zikr-e-Nafi and is usually read softly. The
manner in which this Zikr is read is as following:

1. La ilaaha illal laah 200 times
2. Ilal laahu 600 times
3. Allahu Allahu 400 times

The Zikr must commence and end with 3 times Durood Shareef.
The second type of Zikr is known as Zikr-e-Jahr and is usually recited aloud.
The procedure of Zikr-e-Jahr is:

1. Recite Durood Shareef -10 times
2. Recite Istighfaar -Astagh firullah -10 times
3. Fazkurooni Azkurkum Wash kuruli walaa Takfuroon -10 times
After reciting all of this make dumm (blow) on your self and begin the Zikr:
4. La ilaaha illal laah 200 times
5. Illal laa 400 times
6. Allahu Allahu 600 times
7. Haqq Haqq 100 times


The Awliyah-e-Kaamileen have mentioned that there is no better Wazifa than
that of the continuos recital of the Holy Quran. They have given us a method
of how we should also undertake the complete recitation of the Holy Quran.
It has been divided into the separate days.

Friday: Sura Fatiha till Sura Maida
Saturday: Sura In'am till Sura Tauba
Sunday: Sura Yunus till Sura Maryam
Monday: Sura Ta Ha till Sura Qasas
Tuesday: Sura Ankabut till Sura Saad
Wednesday: Sura Zumar till Sura Rahmaan
Thursday: Sura Waa'qia till the end

One should try one's level best to practise on this manner of completing the
Holy Quran. One may not do so immediately, but we should


The following Durood should be read 100 times after every Salah if possible.
Especially after Jummah Salaah, the men should stand together facing
Madinah Shareef and recite this Durood Shareef with absolute respect. The
Durood is:

“Sallal laahu alan Nabiy’yil Umiy’yi Wa Aalihi Sallal Laahu alaihi wasal’lama Salaataw Was salaaman alaika Ya Rasoolallaah”

The following benefits are derived from reciting Durood-e-Radawiyya:

1. The one reciting it is blessed with 300 mercies of Almighty Allah.
2.Almighty Allah send peace upon him 2000 times
3.5000 good deeds are written in his Naama’e A’maal (Book of Deeds)
4.5000 of his sins are forgiven
5.His status is elevated by 5000 folds
6.It will be written on his forehead that he is not a hypocrite
7.It will be written on his forehead that he has been freed from the fire
of hell
8.On the Day of Qiyaamah, he will be amongst the Shuhada (Martyrs)
9.He will gain Barakah in his wealth
10. There will be blessings amongst his children
11. He will be powerful over his enemies
12. People will have love for him in their hearts
13. He will see Huzoor (sall Allahu alaihi wasallam) in his dream.
14. He will leave this world with Imaan.
15. On the Day of Qiyaamah, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sall Allahu alaihi
wasallam) will shake hands with him
16. The intercession of Rasoolullah (sall Allahu alaihi wasallam) will be
compulsory on him
17. Almighty Allah will be pleased with him in such a manner, that he will
never be displeased.


You should lie down with both the knees straightened and both hands on the
chest. Then the following should be read:

1. Ayatul Qursi -Allahu laa ilaaha illa hu huwal (Complete) once.
2. The four Quls -once. Sura Ikhlas must be read 3 times.

You should then blow upon the palms and pass them on the entire length
and breadth of your body. You may also do this for the infants who are not
able to read. It is also recommended that you learn the Suras Waaqia,
Yaseen and Mulk.

You should read these Suras before sleeping. As long as you do not know
them by heart, you may recite them by looking at the Holy Quran. Thereafter,
you should you should lie on the right side without talking. If you have to talk,
then you may do so, but you should recite Sura Kaafirun before going to
sleep. If this procedure is followed then, Insha-Allah, you will be protected
from all evil forces.

Insha Allah the reciter will pass from this world with Imaan and will attain
blessings through the Prophet (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). Those who do
not know how to read the Quran properly should be swift in learning as it is
Fard to do so. Be sure to recite every alphabet with correct pronunciation.

The benefits of reciting the following Surahs before going to bed:

1. Surah Mulk – Protection from Azaab (punishment) of the grave.
2. Surah Yaseen – To be recited for Maghfirat (Pardon)
3. Surah Waaqia – Protection from hunger.
4. Surah Dukhaan – the reciter will rise in the morning in a condition that 70,000 Angles will be making Istighfaar for him.


1. Remain steadfast on the teachings of the Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaah.
Stay away from all those who are against the Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaah,
such as the Deobandis, Wahabis, Qadianis, Shias, Moudoodis and Nadwis.
Think of them as your enemies.

Do not listen to their speeches.
Do not sit amongst them. Abstain from reading any of their books since (may Allah forbid!) it does not take much time for Shaitaan to put evil into a person's
The Deen and Imaan are the most valuable possessions of a person.

To protect one's Imaan one must strive to the best of his or her ability.

Respect of the world and it's wealth and the life of this world is only bound to
this world. Deen and Imaan will always be of importance in your homes.
To be aware of this is most important.

2. To be steadfast in performing the 5 daily Salaah is very important. For
men to perform Salaah with Jamaah in the Masjid is Waajib.

Those Muslims who do not perform Salaah are only human by name and not
by spirit since they do not fulfill their duties as human beings.
To make Salaah Qaza because of your job, business, etc. is to be totally ungrateful to Almighty Allah. No good employer will stop his staff from performing their
Salaah. If any employer does so, then to work for such a person is Haraam.

No means of gaining Rizk (Sustenance) can give the Barakah of Salaah. The
giving of Rizk is in the Power of Almighty Allah, Who has made Salaah Fardh
upon us and He shows great displeasure when Salaah is left.

3. Perform all those Salaah which you have made Qaza. If you do not
perform your Fardh Salaah, then your Nafil (optional) Ibaadah does not have
any certainty. So, beware, and be sure to perform your Salaah before your
time on this earth expires.
Always make Niyyah in Qazaa for the first Namaaz you have missed. In other words if you have 100 Qaza of Fajr, then say, & I am making Qazaa for the first very Fajr which I missed.= Do the same for all other Salaah. Qazaa is only for the Fardh and Witr Salaahs.

In other words, there will be all in all 20 Rakaats Qazaa Salaah for any given

4. Keep all those Fasts which you have missed out. The Holy Prophet
Muhammad Salallahu alaihiwasalam has stated,

"So long as a person does not keep his previous
Fast, the present Fast is not accepted.

5. Those who are Saahib-e-Nisaab, should give their Zakaah. One must not
delay in doing this, since by doing so, one will receive punishment and
spiritual torment. The Zakaat of each year must be paid before the year
ends. If one has not given Zakaah of the present year, then he should
accommodate it in the following years Zakaah so that the wealth may be
purified. If one has given more than the amount due, then he may carry it
over to the next year. Almighty Allah does not destroy the good actions of
any person.

6. Hajj is Fardh upon those who have the means of accomplishing it. In
commanding the Fardh of Hajj, Almighty Allah says, AWa Man Kafara Fa
In=nal Laaha Ghaniyun Anil Aalameen. The Prophet Salallahu alaihiwasalam has said the following concerning those who intentionally leave out Hajj: AHe will either die a christian or a jew. We ask protection in Allah from this. To be protected, Make your Hajj.

7. Protect your self from evil, lies, back-biting, adultery, sodomy, tyranny,
dishonesty, falsehood, pride, etc. To shave off or trim the beard is to be in the
garb of a faasiq. Abstain from all bad actions. Those who remain firm on
these seven points, shall be blessed with the promise of Allah which is Jannat.


1. O my beloved Mureed (disciple)! Remember that if you live life as
prescribed by the Shariah, then on the Day of Qiyaamah, you will be highly
successful and enlightened.

2. O my beloved Mureed! Remember that you have pledged to refrain from
anything which is against the Commands of Almighty Allah and His Beloved
Rasool (sall Allahu alaihi wasallam)

3. O my dear Mureed! You have pledged to reamin within the folds of the
Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaah and that you will refrain from the company of all
misled sects and groups. Remember! Do not die, but in the state of Imaan.

4. O my beloved Mureed! You have pledged to perform all the Faraa’id of the
Shariat-e-Muhammadi (Sall Allahu alaihi wasallam), the Salaah, the Fasting,
the Hajj, and the the giving of Zakaah. Remain steadfast in these duties.

5. O my beloved Mureed! You have pledged to fulfil all the commands of
Shariah, so do not break this pledge which you have made.


It is compulsory upon the Muslim females to have Pardah. Those women
who do not have Pardah are not really Muslims in the true sense. You
cannot receive spiritual advancement if you deliberately go against the
Shariah of Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). The men of the house
should make sure that the women are in Pardah (proper Islamic attire).


Strive in seeking closeness to Allah. Strive and surely you shall be
successful. Strive in Allah’s way for Almighty Allah says, ‘He who seeks a
path towards me, I will certainly show him the way.’ The Holy Prophet (sall
Allahu alaihi wasallam) says, ‘He who seeks an object will certainly receive it’
However, the pre-requisite for this is, true love and respect.

Love and respect for the Murshid is love and respect for the Holy Prophet (sall Allahu alaihiwasallam) and love and respect for the Holy Prophet (sall Allahu alaihiwasallam) is love and respect for Almighty Allah.

O my Dear Mureed!Remember the Concept of Tauheed (Allah is one), The Rasool (Sall Allahualaihi wasallam) is one and your Peer is One.

One should recite the Durood Shareef as much as possible. The recital of
the Durood Shareef causes the reciter to receive immense Barakaah. This
should also be remembered by the students, that if they do not have the time
to receive the wazifas, then they should continue to recite the Durood
Shareef in abundance.


Always try and visualize your Shaikh whenever you are alone. Do so with
total love and sincerity. Visualize that you are seated in front of your Shaikh
and that the both of you are present in the Court of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah
(sallal laahu alaihi wasallam). Imagine that the ray of Noor (Light) is
descending upon the heart of your Murshid and from his heart it is being
transferred to your heart. If you continue in this manner, you will be freed of
all your worldly concerns and you will become more spiritually elevated.

May Almighty Allah assist you in this world and in the hereafter through the
Wasila of the Holy Prophet (Sall Allahu alaihi wasallam) and all the
Masha’ikh of the Silsila Qaaderiyah Barakaatiyah Radawiyyah Nooriyah.


This is the DUROOD-E-GHAU'SIYA: 

"Allahuma Salle Ala Sayyedina Wa Maulana Muhammadim Ma'dinil Joodi Wal Karami Wa Aalihi Wa Baarik Wa Sallim."


Recite special Fateha on these days and send the Sawaab to the Souls of these great personalities as therein lies great reward for the reciter and a means of Salvation.

(1) Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) 12 Rabi-ul-Awwal - Madinatul Munawwarah
(2) Hazrat Ali Murtuza (radi Allahu anhu) 21 Ramadaan - Najaf Ashraf
(3) Sayyiduna Imam Hussain (Radi Allahu anhu) 10 Muharram - Karbala
(4) Imam Zainul Aabideen (radi Allahu anhu) 18 Muharram - Medina Shareef
(5) Imam Muhammad Baqqir (radi Allahu anhu) 7 Zil-Hajj - Medina Shareef
(6) Imam Jaafer Saadiq (radi Allahu anhu) 22 Shawwal - Medina Shareef
(7) Imam Moosa Kaazim (radi Allahu anhu) 25 Rajab - Baghdad Shareef
(8) Imam Ali bin Moosa Raza (radi Allah anhu) 25 Rajab - Baghdad Shareef
(9) Sheikh Ma'roof Kharkhi (radi Allahu anhu) 2 Muharram - Baghdad Shareef
(10) Sheikh Sirri Saqti (radi Allahu anhu) 13 Ramadaan - Baghdad Shareef
(11) Sheikh Junaid Baghdadi (radi Allahu anhu) 27 Rajab - Baghdad Shareef
(12) Sheikh Abu Bakr Shibli (radi Allahu anhu) 27 Zil-Hajj - Baghdad Shareef
(13) Sheikh Abdul Waahid Taymeemi (radi Allahu anhu) 26 Jamadi-ul-Akhir - Baghdad Shareef
(14) Sheikh Abul Farah Tartoosi (radi Allahu anhu) 3 Shabaan - Baghdad Shareef
(15) Sheikh Abul Hassan Ali Bhakaari (radi Allahu anhu) 1 Muharram - Baghdad Shareef
(16) Sheikh Abu Saeed Makhzoomi (radi Allahu anhu) 27 Shabaan - Baghdad Shareef
(17) Sayyiduna Sheikh Abdul Qaadir Jilani (radi Allahu anhu) 11 Rabi-ul-Akhir - Baghdad Shareef
(18) Sheikh Taajuddeen Abdur Razzaaq (radi Allahu anhu) 6 Shawwaal - BaghdadShareef
(19) Sheikh Abu Saleh Nasr (radi Allahu anhu) 27 Rajab - Baghdad Shareef
(20) Sheikh Muhiyyudeen Abu Nasr (radi Allahu anhu) 27 Rabi-ul-Awwal - Baghdad Shareef
(21) Sheikh Sayed Ali (radi Allahu anhu) 23 Shawwaal - Baghdad Shareef
(22) Sheikh Sayed Moosa (radi Allahu anhu) 13 Rajab - Baghdad Shareef
(23) Sheikh Sayed Hassan (radi Allahu anhu) 26 Safar - Baghdad Shareef
(24) Sheikh Sayed Ahmad Jilani (radi Allahu anhu) 19 Muharram - Baghdad Shareef
(25) Sheikh Baha'uddeen (radi Allahu anhu) 11 Zil-Hajj - Daulat Abad, Dakan
(26) Sheikh Sayed Ibrahim (radi Allahu anhu) 5 Rabi-ul-Akhir - Delhi
(27) Sheikh Muhammad Bhakhari (radi Allahu anhu) 9 Zil Qaadah - Kakoori Shareef
(28) Sheikh Qazi Zia'uddeen (radi Allahu Anhu) 22 Rajab - Nutani (District of Lucknow)
(29) Sheikh Jamaal-ul-Awliyah (radi Allahu anhu) 1st Shawwaal - Jahan Abad (Disrict of Fathepur)
(30) Sheikh Sayed Muhammad (radi Allahu anhu) 1 Shaabaan - Kaalpi Shareef
(31) Sheikh Sayed Ahmad (radi Allahu anhu) 19 Safar - Kaalpi Shareef
(32) Sheikh Sayed Fadhlullah (radi Allahu anhu) 14 Zil Qadah - Kaalpi Shareef
(33) Sheikh Sayed Shah Barkatullah (radi Allahu anhu) 10 Muharram - Mahrahrah Shareef
(34) Sheikh Sayed Shah Aale Muhammad (radi Allahu anhu) 16 Ramadaan - Mahrahrah Shareef
(35) Sheikh Sayed Shah Aale Hamza (radi Allahu anhu) 14 Ramadaan - Mahrahrah Shareef
(36) Sheikh Shamsud'deen Aale Ahmad Ashe Mia (radi Allahu anhu) 17 Rabi-ul-Akhir -Mahrarah Shareef
(37) Sheikh Sayed Shah Aale Rasool Ahmadi (radi Allahu anhu) 18 Zil-Hajj - Mahrarah Shareef
(38) Hazrat Abul Husain Ahmad Noori (radi Allahu anhu) 11 Rajab - Mahrarah Shareef

(39) Sheikh Aala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza khan radiaAllahu anhu 25 safar bariely shareef

(40) Huzoor Mufti e Azam e Alam Mustafa Raza khan RadiaAllahu nahu 14 Moharram.


Ya Ilahi Har Jagha Teri Ataa Ka Saath Ho
Jub Pare Mushkil Shahe Mushkil Kusha Ka Saath Ho

Ya Ilaahi Bhool Jawu Naza ki takleef ko
Shaadiye deedare Husne Mustapha Ka saath ho

Ya Ilaahi Goor-e-tera Ki Jab Aayeh Sakht Raat
Unki Pyaari Moonh Ki subha Jaa fiza Ka saath ho

Ya Ilahi jab pare mahshar me shor-e-daar o gheer
Aman deneh waaleh pyaare peshwa ka saath ho

Ya Ilaahi jub Zabaaneh bahar Aayeh pyaas seh
Saahib-e-kauthar Shahe Jood-o-ataa Ka saath ho

Ya Ilaahi Sard-e-Mehri par ho jab khurshid-e-Hashr
Sayyad-e-beh Saaya Ke Zill-e-liwaa ka saath ho

Ya Ilaahi Garmi-e-Mahshar se jub bhar keh badan
Daaman-e-Mahboob ki thandi hawaa ka saath ho

Ya Ilaahi Naama-e-A'maal jub khulne lag’ e
Aib-e-pooshe khalq-e-Sat'taare Khata Ka Saath ho

Ya Ilaahi Jub Bahe Aankhe Hisaab-e-Jurum meh
Un Tabassum rez hontoh ki Dua ka saath ho

Ya Ilaahi jab Hisaab Khandaa-e-bichaar laye
Chashme Ghar-yaane Shafi-e-Murtaza Ka saath ho

Ya Ilaahi rangh laayi jab meri Be baaqiyah
Unki neechi neechi nazro ki Hayaa Ka saath ho

Ya Ilaahi Jab chalo Tareekh raahe Pul Siraat

Aftaab-e-Haashmi Noorul Huda Ka Saath ho

Ya Ilaahi Jub Sare Shamsheer par chalna pare
Rab’be Sallim kahneh waaleh ghamzudah ka saath ho

Ya Ilaahi Jo Du'a yeh nekh hum tujh se kare
Qudsiyo ke lab se Ameen Rabbana ka Saath ho

Ya Ilaahi Jab Raza Kwaab-e-Giraa se Sar Uthaaye
Daulat-e-bedaar Ishq-e-Mustafa Ka Saath ho

Ya Ilahi le chale jab dafan karne Qabr me
Ghaus-e-Azam peshwa'e Awliya Ka Saath ho


There are many virtues in reciting ones Shajrah, of which a few are
mentioned below:

1. Memorising the chain of Awliyah upto Rasoolullah (Sall Allahu alaihi
2. The Zikr and remembrance of Saaliheen (Awliyah) is the means of
receiving Allah’s Rahmah (Mercy)
3. Performing the Esaal-e-Sawaab for all the Spiritual Grand Masters of the
Silsila. This is a means of receiving the spiritual guidance and blessings.
4. When the mureed remembers them in times of comfort, the Awliyah of the
Silsilah will remember him in times of his hardship and they will be of
assistance to him.


Mohammed Khaja Shamsuddin Quadri Sibtaini said...

mashaAllah,JazakAllah khair bhai, mein Hyderabad se hun aur kaam saudi arabia mein hai

Anonymous said...

Aasalam O Alykom,
Hazrat Ameen e Shariat k halat e zindagi par kar bohat mosarrat hoe,Allah Talaa un ka saya hum par taa deer qaim rakhe.Ameen Summa Ameen.
Syed Mujahid Ali Naumani
Nabeer E Hazrat Syed Ayub Ali Razavi(R.A)

Irfan Md said...

saryto ke sariyat huzoor amine sariyat

Irfan Md said...

saryto ke sariyat huzoor amine sariyat

Anonymous said...

Mashaallah,Kash mujhe bhie ik baar naseeb ho djaje hazrat ka ziarat karni ko. Aameen ja rabbal aalameen.

Mohammed Ali qadri razvi

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Assagaai alaikoem brother khwaja,
Can i plse get tour phone number

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Subhanallah.....aapka ye kadam kabil-e-taarif hai...allahtala se dua hai ki hazrat ka saya taa daer hamare saro par saya figan rahe aur unke faiz he hame mustafiq kare wa tamam sunny muslim brothers ko shariat par aamal karne ki taufiq de.... aamin...from Mohammed naeem Virani (Keshkal)

naeem said...

Subhanallah.....aapka ye kadam kabil-e-taarif hai...allahtala se dua hai ki hazrat ka saya taa daer hamare saro par saya figan rahe aur unke faiz he hame mustafiq kare wa tamam sunny muslim brothers ko shariat par aamal karne ki taufiq de.... aamin...from Mohammed naeem Virani (Keshkal)

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Aameen JazakAllah kahir Mohammed Naeem virani bhai

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Asslam Walaykum,
Maslak E Aalahazrat Zindabad

Huzoor Ameen E Shariyat Zindabad

Huzoor Salman Raza Khan Sahab Qibla Zindabad

Khandan E Aalahazart Zindabad

Gulam E Huzoor Salman Raza Khan Sahab Qibla
Shaikh Javedbhai, Kolhar

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Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatahu
Aap Hazraat Apne wats app number yaha post kar liya kare ta k Aapko MASLAK E AALAHAZRAT Groups me add kiya ja sake jis k zariye Aap tak HUZOOR AMEEN E SHARIYAT WO HUZOOR TAJUSHAHRIYA aur KHANDAN E AALAHAZRAT k talluq se deegar post milti rahegi.

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Aap Hazraat yaha aapka wats app number pist kr lijiye ta k aapko MASLAK E AALAHAZRAT k group me add kr liya jaiye aur waha se aapko HUZOOR AMEEN E SHARIYAT WO HUZOOR TAJUSHAHRIYA WO KHANWADA E RAZVIYA K TALLUQ SE DEEGAR PROGRAMME KI MALUMAAT HO

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