Qutb al-Irshaad Siraaj al-Awliya Sayyid Abul Hussain Ahmad-e-Noori al-Hussaini al-Qadiri Barakaati Marehrawi RadiaAllahu anhu

Qutb al-Irshaad Siraaj al-Awliya Sayyid Abul Hussain
Ahmad-e-Noori al-Hussaini al-Qadiri Barakaati Marehrawi RadiaAllahu anhu

His Position in the Silsila:

Hadrat Shah Abul Hussain Ahmad-e-Noori RadiaAllahu anhu is the thirty eight Imam and Shaykh of the Silsila Aaliyah Qaadiriyah Barakaatiyah Razviyah Nooriyah

Hadrat Shah Abul Hussain Ahmad-e-Noori alias Miyan Sahab, the last Qutub of Marehra dynasty became the Sajjadah Nasheen of Marehra after the demise of Shah Aal-e-Rasool Ahmadi. Following is Noori Miyan’s family tree:

Sayyid Shah Abul Hussain Noori Miyan Sahib s/o Sayyid Zahoor Hasan s/o Sayyid Shah Aal-e-Rasool s/o Sayyid Shah Aley Barkaat Suthrey Miyan s/o Sayyid Shah Hamza s/o Sayyid Shah Aley Muhammad s/o Sayyid Sayyid Shah Barkatullah s/o Sayyid Shah Uwais s/o Sayyid Shah Abdul Jaleel s/o Sayyid Shah Mir Abdul Wahid Bilgrami s/o Sayyid Shah Ibrahim s/o Sayyid Shah Qutubuddin s/o Sayyid Shah Mahro s/o Sayyid Shah Bade s/o Sayyid Shah Kamaal s/o Sayyid Shah Qasim s/o Sayyid Shah Hasan s/o Sayyid Shah Naseer s/o Sayyid Hussain s/o Sayyid Shah Umar s/o Sayyid Shah Muhammad Sughra s/o Sayyid Shah ali s/o Sayyid Shah Hussain s/o Sayyid Shah Abul Farah II s/o Sayyid Shah Abu Firas s/o Hazrat Sayyid Shah Abul Farah Wasti s/o Hazrat Sayyid Dawood s/o Hazrat Sayyid Hussain s/o Hazrat Sayyid Yahya s/o Hazrat Sayyid Zayd III s/o Hazrat Sayyid Umar s/o Hazrat Sayyid Zayd II s/o Hazrat Sayyid Ali Iraqi s/o Hazrat Sayyid Hussain s/o Hazrat Sayyid Ali s/o Hazrat Sayyid Muhammad s/o Hazrat Sayyid Issa alias Motam-ul-Ashbaal s/o Hazrat Sayyid Zayd the Shahid s/o Sayyid-us-Sadaat Imam Zainul Abidin Sajjad s/o Sayyidush Shuhada Imam Hussain s/o Hazrat Ameer al Momineen Mawla Ali Murtaza the husband of Sayyidatun Nisa Fatima az-Zahra d/o Sayyid al Ambiya Ahmad-e-Mujtaba Muhammad-e-Mustafa Sallallaho Alaihi wa Sallam wa Ridhwanullahi Ta’ala Alaihim Ajama’een.


His Blessed Birth:

Hadrat Noori Miyan Saheb was born on 19th of Shawal 1255 hijri (corresponding to 26th December, 1839) in Marehra.

He was barely 2½ years when he lost his mother. He was taken over by his grandmother Nisar Fatima and Grandfather Shah Aal-e-Rasool Ahmadi.

Hadrat Khaatim al-Akaabir Shah Aal-e-Rasool never allowed him to be out of his sight. He educated him and trained him in the family traditions and legacies. At the age of eleven years he lost his father Shah Zahoor Hasan who died on 26th of Jamadi al-Awwal at Dhari in Kathiawad. That was the time when his grandfather put him to hard training in mystic rituals. Hadrat Khatim al-Akabir used to say:

“Miyan Sahib has nothing to do with worldly pleasures. He is something and is deemed to be something in the spiritual world. He is one of the seven Qutubs whose glad tiding has been given by Hadrat Bu-Ali Shah Qalandar and Hadrat Shah Badiuddin Qutb-e-Madar and he is the last Qutub of the chain of seven Qutubs.”


Hadrat Noori Miyan sahib became the Mureed of Shah Aal-e-Rasool in 1267 hijri and was declared the Sajjadah Nasheen of the Dargah.


He received his worldly education at the hands of renowned Scholars like Maulvi Shah Turab Ali of Lucknow, Maulvi Fadhlullah Jalesari, Maulvi Noor Ahmad Badauni, Maulvi Muhammad Saeed Badauni, Maulvi Abdul Qaadir Badauni, Maulvi Fadhl-e-Rasool Badauni, Maulvi Ahmad Hasan Sufi Muradabadi and Maulvi Hussain Shah Bukhari.

The spiritual education was imparted to him by great seers like the Khatim al-Akabir Shah Aal-e-Rasool Ahmadi and Shah Ghulam Muhiyuddin Amir-e-Alam.

His other mentors were Shah Shams al-Haq alias Tinka Shah, Mufti Sayyid Ainul Hasan Bilgrami and Hafiz Shah Ali Hussain Muradabadi.

After the completion of spiritual training, Shah Aal-e-Rasool Ahmadi conferred upon Hadrat Noori Miyan the Khilafat and Ijazat of all the five silsilas of his family including the Qadriyah, Chishtiyah, Naqshbandiyah, Suhrwardiyah and Maddariyah. He spent most of his time in Dhikr and meditation.

Noori Miyan’s court was always full of Mureeds and Khalifas who put forth their problems to him and got delivered from these problems immediately. He always visited the houses of poor people and consoled them. The rich Mureeds yearned for his visit to their homes but he preferred the poor ones.


Hazrat Miyan Sahab was the Spiritual Master of Great Sunni Scholar of Bareilly Shareef, Mujadid ibne Mujadid, Hazrat Mustafa Raza Khan, known as Mufti-e-Azam-e-Alam.


Hazrat Noori Miyan was the author of many books on various subjects:

Al-Aslul Musaffa fi Aqaid-e-Arbab-e-Sunnatil Mustafa – a journal in simple Urdu for children on the basics of faith.
Risala Sawal-o-Jawab – a journal in Urdu on the wrong beliefs of misguided Rafidhi Sect.
Ishtihar-e-Noori – an essay against Sunni Ulema’s joining the Nadwa group.
Tehqeequl Tarawih – a journal testifying the twenty rak’ats of Tarawih during Ramadhan,
Dalil-ul-Yaqin – proving that Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Umar were superior beings among the Companions of the Holy Prophet. A journal on the beliefs of Ahl-e-Sunnat regarding the battles of Jumal, Siffin and Naharwan.
Lataif-e-Tariqat Kashful Quloob – a journal in Urdu on the early phases of mysticism.
An-Noor-o-Wal-Baha fi-Asaneedil Hadith wa Salasilil Awliya – a journal containing the hierarchy of the traditions of the Holy Prophet.
Sirajul Awarif fil-Wasaya wal Ma’raif – a book on Urdu on various information regarding the Sufi practice.
Al-Jafar – a brief journal in Urdu on the method of Jafar.
Takheel-e-Noori – collection of Arabic, Persian and Urdu poetry. His pen name was Saeed in early days. Later he adopted Noori as his pseudonym.

He died on 11th Rajab 1324 hijri (31st of August 1906). His first wife was Ruqaiyya Begum the daughter of his uncle Shah Zahoor Hussain and the second wife was Altaf Fatima the daughter of Sayyid Muhammad Haider. He had a son Sayyid Muhiyuddin Jilani who died at an early age.



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