Hazrat Sayyid Shah Meer Muhammad kalpwi RadiaAllahu anhu

 HIS POSITION IN THE SILSILA: Sayyidul Awliyah, Burhanul Asfiyah Hazrat Sayyid Shah Meer Muhammad kalpwi RadiaAllahu anhu is the thirtieth Imam and Sheikh of the Silsila Aaliyah Qaaderiyah Barakaatiyah Razviyah Nooriyah.
BLESSED BIRTH: He was born in Kalpi Shareef in the year 1002 Hijri

BLESSED NAME: His name is Hazrat Sayyid Meer Muhammad Kalpwi . His father’s name was Hazrat Abi Saeed bin Baha’udeen . His father journeyed to Dakkan before his birth and was never seen or heard from again (Mafqoodul Khabr).

EDUCATION: He attained his basic education under the watchful eye of his mother. When he was seven years old, he was sent to Hazrat Sheikh Muhammad Yunus. Who was a very great Muhadith of his time. He
studied under him for a very long period of time and attained the Certificate of Hadith. He also studied under other great Ulama. He then travelled to Kora Jahanabaad and completed his studies under the care of Hazrat Shah Jamaalul Awliyah.

HIS FAMILY: His family originally came from Tirmiz. His forefathers migrated from Tirmiz and went to JA’landhar. His father Hazrat Meer Sayyid Abu Saeed then journeyed from there to Kalpi Shareef and made it his home. It is for this reason, that they are known as Tirmizi Sayyids. [Zia-e-Muhammadi]

SHEIKH-E-TARIQAT: He is the mureed and Khalifa of Hazrat Shah Jamaalul Awliyah and was blessed with Ijaazat in the Qaaderi, Chishti Suharwardi, Naqshbandi and Madaariyah Silsila’s.

HIS EXCELLENCE: He was a great Aalim and also a very powerful Saahib-e-Karaamat. He always fulfilled the needs of all those who came to him. His words flowed with pureness and wisdom. There was none in his era, who could solve problems of Shariah better than him. With the exception of being a great Aabid and Zaahid, he was also a well accomplished teacher. He was blessed with the Maqaam of being the Qutb of his time. His life was an example of his pious predecessors. He would often weep in the fear of  Allah

Towards the end of his physical life, he kept fast daily (except for the days when fasting is disallowed) for twenty-six years. When he used to take the Name of Allah, then he did so with such emotion, that those who heard him entered a spiritual condition. He spent most of his time amongst the poor and the knowledgeable. He always lived a very humble and simple life. He never showed respect to Kings who came to visit him

SHEIKH MEER ABUL ULAA AHRAARI : Once, Hazrat Muhammad Kalpwi dreamt that Hazrat Khaja Naqsh Banda commanded him to go to Akbarabaad (Agra) as there was a very great Sheikh of the Silsila present there. When Hazrat woke from his sleep, he immediately made the necessary arrangements, and journeyed to Akbarabaad. However, Hazrat Khaja Naqsh Banda had not informed him of the name of the Saint in his dream, so when arrived in Akbarabaad, he enquired about who were the great Masha’ikh of the city. He was informed that there were two great personalities. One was Hazrat Meer Nu’man who was the Khalifa of Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi. and the other was Hazrat Meer Abu Ulaa Ahraari . He asked to be taken to Hazrat Nu’man, but the chariot bearers brought him to Hazrat Abu Ulaa Again he said that he wanted to visit Sayyidi Nu’man, but again they found themselves outside the Khanqah of Hazrat Abu Ulaa. When this happened a few times, Hazrat disembarked from the chariot and entered the Khanqah.
Hazrat Abu Ulaa Ahraari was seated in the courtyard and on seeing Hazrat Muhammad Kalpwi he announced the Takbeer once. He then held the hand of Hazrat Muhammad Kalpwi and announced the  Takbeer again. This caused a complete change in the heart of the Sheikh. He remained in the Khidmat of Hazrat Abu Ulaa for a few months, and when he was about to leave, Hazrat Abul Ulaa blessed him with Khilafat in the Qaaderi, Chishti, Naqshabandi, Madariyah and Abul Ulaaiyah Silsila’s. He also blessed him with the Tasbeeh of Hazrat Baha’udeen Naqshbandi as a gift. He returned home, and then after ten years, he
visited Hazrat Abul Ulaa Ahraari for four months

KHWAJA GHAREEB NAWAAZ (RadiaAllahu anhu)  : He also made Haaziri at the Mazaar
Shareef of Hazrat Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaaz. Whilst he was making the Haaziri, Hazrat Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaaz (RadiaAllahu anhu). appeared to him, and said, “Now that you have come to my country, you
should also follow my way

Hazrat Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaaz .(RadiaAllahu anhu) then blessed him with the faiz of the Silsila-e-Chisht. After this, he journeyed to Ajmer Shareef annually to make Ziyaarat of Mazaar Shareef of Hazrat Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaaz . He was blessed with such favour in the Court of Hazrat Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaaz , that he could meet him spiritually in Ajmer Shareef wherever and whenever he wished to.

BOOKS AND TREATIES: He was a very well renowned author and wrote various books. Amongst his works are:

Tafseer Surah Faateha
Tafseer Surah Yusuf
Kitaabut Taraaweeh (Arabic),
RisA’la Tahqeequr Rooh (Persian),
RisA’la Wahdatul Wujood, Irshaadus Saalikeen
RisA’latul Ghina
RisA’la Aqaaid-e-Sufiyah
RisA’la Mawaaridaat, RisA’la Amal Wal Maamool
RisA’la Shughl Kuza, Haqaaiq-o-Maarifat and Maraatibul Ghina Wal Wusool ilal laahi Subhaanuhu (Persian)

HIS KARAAMATS: Hazrat Sheikh was also a very great Saahib-e-Karaamat. There was a very sinful person who often frequented the gatherings of Sufis. He then decided to visit Kalpi Shareef. He intended
that he would go to Hazrat Meer Muhammad Kalpwi . and if Hazrat’s first sight upon him causes a special feeling in him, then he would stop sinning and repent sincerely and if there was no special feeling, the he had
decided that he would openly consume alcohol. When he came to Kalpi Shareef, the Sheikh placed his sight on him once, and it caused him to fall down unconscious. He remained unconscious for a while When he re-gained consciousness, he tore off his collar (in spiritual bliss) and joined the Faqeers. He immediately divorced himself from the physical world. Hazrat could foresee his condition, and sent him a beautiful cloak
with one of his Khaadims. The man refused to accept it out of humility.  

Hazrat finally took the cloak personally to him and said, “It is because of my sight, that you have become amongst those who are blessed. You must  tus accept that which I am giving you. How do you know what is  in it?

The man put on the cloak and immediately spiritual secrets were unveiled to him. He remained in Kalpi Shareef and became a Khaadim of The Sheikh

HIS CHILDREN: He was blessed with two sons and one daughter. His sons were Hazrat Sayyiduna Meer Ahmad and Hazrat Qalb A’lam and his daughter was Sayyida Naaz Falak (ridwaanullahi ta A’la alaihim ajmaeen)
HIS KHULAFA: A huge Jama’at of great Ulama and Awliyah emerged from his blessed Khanqah. Some of the names of these Khulafa are

Hazrat Sayyiduna Meer Ahmad  .
Hazrat Sheikh Muhammad Afzal Ilaahabadi.
Hazrat Aashiq Muhammad  .
Hazrat Haaji Junaid.
Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Hakeem Mohaani
Hazrat Sheikh Kamaal .
Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Mo’min Akbarabaadi.
Hazrat Meer Muhammad Waaris Nizamabaadi.
Hazrat Sheikh Kamaal Karakati.
Hazrat Haji Wali Muhammad.
Hazrat Sayyid Muzaffar .
Hazrat Haafiz Zia’ullah Bilgiraami.
Hazrat Jamaal Muhammad Gawalyaari
Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Hafeez Bilgiraami

WISAAL: He passed away on a Monday the 26th of Shabaan 1071 Hijri at the age of 65.  

MAZAAR SHAREEF: His Mazaar Shareef is in Kalpi Shareef, about a mile away from the city.


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