bahār-e jāN fiza tum ho, nasīm-e gulsitān tum ho

bahār-e jāN fiza tum ho, nasīm-e gulsitān tum ho
bahār-e bāg-e rizwāN tum se hai, zaibe jināN tum ho

You are spring for the air that gives life; you are the morning breeze of the gardens.
The spring for the gardens of heaven is from you, you are the adornment of eternal bliss!

khuda kī saltanut ka do-jahāN maiN kaun dūlha hai,
tumhee, tum ho, tumhee, tum ho, yahāN tum ho, wahāN tum ho

Who is the groom in the kingdom of God,
It is, You! It is, You! Here, are you and there, are you!

haqīqat se tumhārījuz khuda aur kaun wāqif hai,
kahe tu kya kahe koyee, chuneeN tum ho, chunaaN tum ho

Other than God, who knows your reality?
If we say, then what shall we say, you are this and you are that!

nazar ‘arif ka har ‘alam main aya aap ka ‘alam,
na hote tum tu kya hotā, bahār har jahāN tum ho

I saw your world, in all the worlds of the Aarif,
If you were not, then what would have been, you are the prime for all the worlds!

kujū hum khaak uftādah, kuja tum ae shah-e bālā,
agar miṣl-e zamīN hum haiN, tu miṣl-e âsmāN tum ho

Where do we stand with you as we are dead earth [where nothing grows] and exalted are You
If we are like the earth then, you are like the sky

yeh kya maiN ne kahā miṣl-e samā tum ho ma’āzAllah,
munazzah miṣl se burtar-ze har wehm-aw-gumāN tum ho

What have I said, that you are like the sky, God Forbid!
Pure and above are you from all thoughts and assumptions

maiN bhūla aap kī rif’at se nisbat hee hameiN kyā hai,
woh kehne bhar kee nisbat thee, kahāN hum haiN, kahāN tum ho

I forgot, what reach have we with your exaltedness,
It was just for the sake of saying, as where are we and where are you!

hameiN umeed hai rauz-e qiyāmat unkee reHmat se,
ke farmāyeiN idhar â’ao na-māyūs az-jināN tum ho

We have hope for the final day in his mercy
May he say, come here don't feel hopeless from eternal bliss!

sitam kāro, khatā kāro, siyah karo, jafā karo,
hamāre dāman-e reHmat maiN aa ja’oo kahāN tum ho

Sinners, evil doers, mistake makers, transgressors,
Come in to our cloak of mercy, where are you all!

tumhāre hote saate dard dukh kis se kahooN pyāre,
shafī’e âsiyāN tum ho, waqīl-e mujrimāN tum ho

With you being there who else would I tell my pains and grievances
The intercessor for the disobedient ones is you, the representative for the criminals is you!

riyāzat ke yahee din haiN burhāpe maiN kahāN himmat,
jo kuch karna hai abhi karlo, abhī noorī jawāN tum ho

For striving, these are the days, in old age what courage or strength will we have,
Whatever you wish to do, do now, as now O' Noori, young, are you!

faqat nisbat ka jaise hooN haqīqī noorī ho jā’ooN,
mujhe jo dekhe keh uthe miyāN noorī, miyāN tum ho

As I am Noori in relation only, may I become alike in its real terms,
So that all who see me would say, Miya! Noori Miya are you!

Translated by Mufti Zahid Hussain al-Qadri


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