Sayyidul Awliyah Hazrat Imam Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu

His Position in The Silsila : Sayyidul Awliyah Hazrat Imam Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu is the eight Imam and Shaykh of the Silsila Aaliyah Qaadiriyah Barakaatiyah Razviyah Nooriyah. 

Birth : He was born on a Thursday, the 11th of Rabi ul Awwal, 153 Hijri in the Holy city of Madinah. [Masaaliku Saalikeen vol.1 pg 229] 

Blessed Name : His name is Ali, and he is also known as Saami, Abul Hussain and Abu Muhammad. His titles were Saabir, Wali, Zakki, Zaamin, Murtuza and Raza. [Masaalikus Saalikeen] 

His Parents : His father’s name was Hazrat Moosa Kaazim ؓRadiaAllahu anhu and his 
mother's name was Umme Wulad Takhmina ؓRadiaAllahu anha . Some have even said that 
her name was Umme Nabeen and Istiqra. 

His Features : He was very handsome and radiant even though he was not fair in complexion. 

Glad Tidings Of His Birth : His grandmother Bibi Hameeda ؓRadiaAllahu anha had a dream 
in which the Prophet Salallahu alaihiwasalam requested her to marry Takhmina to Imam 
Moosa Kaazim ؓRadiaAllahu anhu . The Prophet  told her that these two will have a child, who will be a very great personality on earth. Bibi Hameeda ؓRadiaAllahu anha did as she was commanded, and Imam Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu was born to Umme Wulad Takhmina and Imam Moosa Kaazim (radi Allahu anhum). He grew up to be one of the greatest Mystics of his era. 

Miraculous Events Whilst In The Womb : His mother says that she never felt any discomfort in her womb, whilst she was pregnant with him, and she says that when night would fall, and she went to sleep, then she could hear the sound of Tasbeeh (remembrance of Allah) from her womb, which used to instill the fear of Allah in her heart. When she woke, she would  not be able to here anything anymore. When he was born, he placed his hands on the ground and lifted his face towards the sky and his lips were moving, as if he was reciting something. [Masaalikus Saalikeen vol.1 pg 231] 

Shaykh-E-Tariqat : His Shaykh-e-Tariqat was his father Hazrat Moosa Kaazim ؓRadiaAllahu anhu and he also attained the Khilafat from him. 

His Excellence : He was a very pious and exalted personality. Ibrahim bin Abbas ؓRadiaAllahu ahu says, “ I have never seen anyone more knowledgeable and pious than him.’ Khalifa Maamoon always asked him questions to test his knowledge, and he always answered them very appropriately. He answered most of the questions asked to him with reference to the Quran. There was never a time when a question was posed, and he could not provide the proper answer.” He used to sleep very little and would spend most of his days keeping fast. There were three fasts in a month which he never missed. He always distributed money to 
the poor in the darkness of night. He wore very expensive robes in his Darbaar and when he was by himself, he wore tattered and torn clothing. He was very humble and pleasant. In winter, he sat on a carpet and in summer he sat on a grass mat. He used to sit amongst his servants and have his meals with them. It is in Sawaa’iqe Muhariqa, that he was the most learned and exalted amongst the Sadaat during his era. Khalifa Maamoon thus held him in great esteem, and gave his daughter Umme Habib into the Nikah of Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu and made him a partner in his kingdom. 

His Intelligence And Knowledge : When Khalifa Maamoon intended to give his daughter in the nikah of Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu, then the Bani Abbas objected to this, as they felt that Khalifa Maamoon may hand over complete power to him. Khalifa Maamoon explained to them that he decided to marry his daughter to him due to his piety and immense knowledge. The Bani Abbas were still not pleased. They thus decided to call upon one of their most learned Aalims by the name of Yahya bin Aktham to have a knowledgeable discussion with Imam Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu . A huge gathering was arranged and many learned Ulama were summoned. Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiAllahu anhu also presented himself at the gathering. The Bani Abbas though that Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu was very young, and that he would not be able to answer the questions of their Aalim. Their Aalim then asked numerous questions to Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu and he answered every question with deep knowledge and wisdom. The Aalim was silenced by his answers. Khalifa Maamoon then asked Imam Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu to ask the Aalim a question, so Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu asked the following question: “ What is your verdict in the said case: A man looked at a woman, and at that time, she was haraam upon him. When the sun began to rise, she became halaal upon him. Then at the time of Zohar, she became haraam upon him once again. Then at the time of Asr, she was halaal upon him. At the time of Magrib, she was haraam upon him, and at the time of Esha she was halaal upon him, then at midnight she became haraam upon him, and at Fajr, she was halaal once more.” When Yahya heard this question, he was astounded and said that he did not know the answer to the question. 

Hazrat Imam Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu then answered the question in the following manner, “ In the morning, a man looked at a slave girl who was haraam upon him, then at the time of sunrise, he purchased her, so she became halaal upon him, then at Zohar, he freed her, so she became haraam upon him. At Asr, he made Nikah to her, so she became Halaal upon him. At magrib, he made Zihaar (uttered words which remove her from marriage), this made her haraam upon him. At Esha, he gave the required Kafarah (compensation), so she became halaal upon him. At Midnight, he gave her the Talaaq-e-Baa’in and she became haraam upon him and at Fajr he made Nikah to her again and she became Halaal upon him.” All those who heard his answer were amazed at his knowledge. 
Khalifa Maamoon then turned towards the Bani Abbas and re-iterated why he was giving his daughter in the nikah of Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu . The above mentioned incident alone points to the vast knowledge of Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu.

 Once Hazrat went to Nishapur. Thousands of people flocked to the city to see this great saint and scholar. During this procession, Abu Zar’aa Raazi and Abu Muhammad bin Aslam Toosi, who were two great Muhaditheen were also present. They went forward and held the reigns 
of the mule on which Hazrat was sitting. They requested that he narrate a Hadith to them, which he heard from his forefathers. Hazrat Imam Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu stopped the mule and removed the umbrella which was over him. When the people saw him, many of them fainted in love whilst others gazed at him with love and happiness. The Muhaditheen asked the people to remain silent, and Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu said, “ My father Hazrat Moosa Kaazim RadiaAllahu anhu narrated to me, that his father Hazrat Imam Jaafar Saadiq RadiaAllahu anhu narrated to him, from his father Hazrat Muhammad Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu , who narrated to him from his father Hazrat Ali Zainul Abideen RadiaAllahu anhu, who from his father Hazrat Shaheed-e-Karbala Imam Hussain RadiaAllahu anhu, who narrated from his father Hazrat Ali RadiaAllahu anhu. He (Hazrat Ali radi Allahu anhu) said, 'The coolness of my eyes and my Beloved Prophet Abul Qaasim 
Muhammadur Rasoolullah  Salallahu alaihiwasalam narrated a Hadith to me, that Jibraeel Alayhissalaam told me that Almighty says, The Kalima Laa ilaaha ilal laahu Muhammadur Rasoolullah is my Fort, thus whomsoever reads it has entered my Fort and whomsoever enters my Fort, then he is fearless from my punishment.” After narrating the Hadith, Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu left. At that time, there were thousands of Muhaditheen who were recording this Hadith. Later, when the amount of Muhaditeen was counted, it was evident that twenty thousand of the them were present recording this Hadith. Hazrat Imam Ahmed bin Hambal ؓRadiaAllahu anhu says that if this Hadith is read as it has been narrated and then the person reciting it blows on an insane person, then Insha Allah he will return to sanity. Hazrat Imam Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu spread the word of Allah and His Rasool Salallahu alaihiwasalam far and wide and huge groups of misled people attained guidance at his hands. Even Hazrat M’aroof Karkhi ؓRadiaAllahu anhu attained everything through his blessed court.  

Karaamats : When Khalifa Maamoon appointed Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu  as his 
Khalifa (next in line as King), the Bani Abbas were very displeased and said that the Khilafat was now being moved from Bani Abbas to Bani Faatima. They thus decided to show less respect towards Hazrat Ali Raza RadiaAllahu anhu. Whenever he came to the home of Khalifa Maamoon, the Royal guards all would make salaam to him and would lift the veil (curtain) for him to enter the house. After he was appointed the Khalifa, they decided not to 
do this any more. All of them agreed that when he came, they would not show any respect and they would not make salaam or lift the curtain. That day, when Hazrat arrived, instead of sitting, they all stood up in respect like always, made salaam and lifted the veil. After he left, each one shunned the other for doing contrary to what was agreed. The following day when Hazrat arrived, the all made salaam, but did not lift the curtain for him to enter. Immediately a powerful gust of wind blew and the curtain was raised higher than ever, and he entered. As he was about to leave, a gust of wind blew again and the curtain lifted by itself. When the Royal guards saw this, they understood his excellence and abstained from their impure intentions. They all agreed that he was exalted in the Court of Allah and that he should be treated with utmost respect. [Tashreeful Bashr] 

His Dua Brings Rain : After Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu was appointed Khalifa, it 
did not rain for a very long time. His enemies approached Khalifa Maamoon and said that since Hazrat became Khalifa there has been no rain, and this meant that he was not a good person. Khalifa Maamoon was displeased with what they said and requested Hazrat to make dua for rain. On a Monday, Hazrat took the people with him and went out to an open spot, where he prayed Salaatul Istisqaa and then made dua. Many times, clouds appeared and people decided to leave, but he stopped them by saying that these rain clouds were for another city. Finally a huge rain cloud appeared. He then asked them all to go their homes. Once they had  all reached their homes, it began to rain. It rained so much that the entire ground was saturated. [Masaalikus Saalikeen vol.1 pg.233] 

Janazah Of A Living Person : Once a few of his enemies brought a living man on a funeral bier. They told Hazrat that the man had died, and that he should perform the Janazah Salaah. Their intention was to embarrass him. After he performed the Janazah Salaah, they tried to wake the man, but found that he was dead. Three days after the man was buried, Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu went to his grave and said, ‘Rise with the permission of Allah’ and the man rose from his grave. [Masaalikus Saalikeen] 

His Saintly Sight : A narrator says that Riyaan ibn Sal’lat said to him that he wished to be in the service of Hazrat Imam Ali Raza ؓradiaAllahu anhu , and he wished for him to give him one of his clothes and some coins which have his name on them. 

The narrator states that one day even before Riyaan arrived, Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu said, “ Riyaan is about to arrive. He wants to be close to me and wishes for me to give him one of my clothes and some coins which have my name on them.” As he was saying this, Riyaan entered, and Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu gave him one of his clothes and thirty dirhams. [Shawaahidun Nabuiwat pg 188] 

His Blessed Children : He was blessed with five sons and one daughter. Their  names were :
1. Hazrat Muhammad Jawaad 
2. Hassan 
3. Jaafar
 4. Ibrahim 
5. Hussain 
6. Bibi Aisha (ridwaanullahi ta aala alaihim ajmaeen) 

His Khulafa : The following are the Khulafa of Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu : 
1. Hazrat Ma’roof Karghi ؓRadiaAllahu anhu 
2. Hazrat Imam Taqi 
3. Hazrat Meer Abul Qaasim Makki (ridwaanullahi ta aala alaihim ajmaeen) 

A Miraculous Incident Relating To His Demise : There was servant of Khalifa Maamoon Rasheed named Hirnama, who was appointed to serve Hazrat Ali Raza ؓ◌ . One day, Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu called him and said, “ O Hirnama! I wish to tell you a secret that none should know as long as I live. I want you to swear an oath, that you will not say this to anyone as long as I live.” The servant agreed to what Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu said. Hazrat then told him, that he is soon to pass from this world. This will happen whilst he will be eating some grapes and pomegranate seeds at the Palace of the Khalifa. 
He said that the Khalifa will try to bury him behind his father Haroon Rasheed, but the ground will become very hard and will not be able to be  dug up. He said that after giving him ghusl and kaffan, a man in a veil will arrive on a camel. His camel will give birth to a calf and then he will come down from his camel and perform the Janaazah Salaah. He then pointed 
out a spot to Hirmana, where he said that he should be buried. He said that whilst they dug his grave, an area will appear where there will be clear water. They should wait till the water stops and then bury him in it. 

After a few days, he passed away, and Hirmana went to Maamoon Rasheed and found him weeping in the loss of Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu . He took his permission and then informed him of what Hazrat had said before his demise. The Khalifa was astonished to hear this. When the Janazah was ready, a person in a veil arrived and his camel gave birth. He then got off his camel and prayed the Janazah Salaah. The Khalifa asked his guards to find the veiled man, but he could not be found anywhere. Then, as an example, the Khalifa ordered the area behind his father’s grave to be dug, but the ground became harder than rock. The rest happened as Hazrat Ali Raza ؓRadiaAllahu anhu said it would. 

WISAAL : He was given poison in grapes and passed away on a Friday, the 21st of Ramadaan 203 Hijri at the age of 55. 
MAZAAR SHAREEF : His Mazaar Shareef is in Toos, which is near Baghdad Shareef and which is known as Mash'had Shareef today. 


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