Hazrat Sayyiduna Imam Baaqir RadiaAllahu anhu

Hazrat Sayyiduna Imam Baaqir RadiaAllahu anahu The fifth Imam and Shaykh of the Silsila Aaliyah Qaadiriyah Barakaatiyah Razviyah Nooriyah 

His Position in the Silsila: Hazrat Imam Baaqir ؓ RadiaAllahu anhu is the fifth Imam and Shaykh of the Silsila Aaliyah Qaadiriyah Barakaatiyah Razviyah Nooriyah. 

He is a descendant of the Prophet  Salallahu alaihiwasalam and his nasl if from Hazrat Ali RadiaAllahu anhu. 

He was a great Saahib-e-Karaamat and a personality with vast knowledge 
of the Hadith. Qazi Abu Yusuf says, “I asked Imam Abu Hanifa ؓRadiaAllahu anhu if he had met Imam Baaqir  RadiaAllahu anhu and he said, ‘Yes I have met him and I asked a mas’ala (Islamic law) from him. He explained it so beautifully, that never before have I heard anyone explain it in this manner.” 

Birth: He was born in Madinah Shareef, 3 years before the Battle of 
Karbala, on the 3rd of Safar 57 Hijri. 

Name: His name is Muhammad. He is also known as Abu Ja’far and his 
titles are Baaqir, Saami, Shaakir and Haadi [Masaalikus Saalikeen] 

Education: He attained his education under the tutorship of his blessed 
father. He studied Hadith under his father, and also attained knowledge of 
Hadith from Hazrat Ibn Ab’bas, Hazrat Jaabir bin Abdullah, Hazrat Abu 
Sa’eed Khudri, Bibi Aisha and Bibi Umme Salma (ridwaanullahi ta aala 
alaihim ajmaeen). [Awliyah-e-Rijaalul Hadith] 

His Birth Foretold: Hazrat Jaabir RadiaAllahu anhu  says, “I was in the blessed court of the Prophet  and Imam Hussain ؓRadiaAllahu anhu  was in the blessed arms of the Prophet Salallahu alaihiwasalam . The 
Prophet  Salallahu alaihiwasalam said, ‘O Jaabir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu ! A son shall be born to him, whose name shall be Ali. He will have a child, whose name shall be Muhammad (Imam Baaqir). O Jaabir! If you meet with him, then you should pass my salaams to him.’” 

Features: He was not very tall, tan in complexion and the example of his 
predecessors, both in looks and character. 

Why was he called Baaqir? : It is in Sawaaiq-e-Muharaqa, that the word 
Baaqir comes from the word Baaqirul Ard, which means to tear open the 
earth and unveil its treasures. Imam Baaqir RadiaAllahu anhu  was given this title Baaqir, because he opened the secret doors of spiritualism and expounded the beauties and splendours of Roohaniyah. [Masaalikus Saalikeen] 

His Excellence: The Ulama would sometimes ask him numerous questions, 
and some even asked to test his knowledge, but he answered every 
question with answers that could not be doubted. Once, whilst on the 
plains of Arafaat, he was asked one thousand questions and he answered 
every one of them in the light of the Shariah. 

Character: He was a great Aabid, Zaahid and Faqih. He had very powerful 
restraint over his Nafs. His son Hazrat Imam Ja’far ؓRadiAllahu anhu  says, “My father would often rise in the middle of the night and weep in the Court of Allah. He would then with complete humility say the following, ‘O Allah, You commanded me to do all good things, but I did not fulfil this and You commanded me to abstain from all wrongs and I could not keep myself from wrong. I am Your humble servant standing in Your exalted Court as Your Criminal, and I have no excuse.’” 

The Blind See: Abu Baseer says, “I was once in the Court of Hazrat Imam 
Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu  and I asked him, ‘Are you the heir to the Prophet Salallahu alaihiwasalam?’ and he said yes. 
I then asked, if the Prophet Salallahu alaihwiasalam  was the heir to all the other Prophets (peace be upon them all)? And he said yes. I said, ‘Then you too are the inheritors of the knowledge from the Court of the Prophet Salallahu alaihiwasalam?’ And he said, ‘I presume that it is so’ 

I then said, ‘can you bring the dead back to life, cure the leper and cause the blind to see and can you say what people eat in their homes, and what they hoard?’ And he said, ‘yes, we too can do this with the command of Allah’ He then said, ‘come near me (Abu Naseer was a blind man)’ and he placed his hands over my face, and I began to see the sky, the earth and the mountains. He then said, ‘Do you wish to  remain seeing, and for your actions to be judged likewise by Allah, or do you wish to remain blind and attain Jannat in exchange for your blindness?’ I said that I wanted Jannat. He then ran his hands over my eyes once more and I could not see again.” [Masaalikus Saalikeen vol.1 pg.215] 

His Foresight: A man says that he had once gone with about fifty people to 
meet Imam Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu.  He says, “Whilst we were seated with him, a man who used to sell dried dates, stood up and said to the great Imam. ‘O Imam! We have heard that you have an Angel appointed to you by Allah, which tells you who is a kaafir and who is a believer, and it also tells you, your friends from your enemies. 
After listening to him, Imam Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu asked his occupation, and he said that he sold wheat. Imam Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu  told him that he was telling a lie. He then said, I sell all different things. Hazrat then said, ‘You are not really saying that which is true. You actually sell dried dates.’ the man then said, ‘How do you know this?’ The Imam said, ‘There is an Angel appointed to me by Allah and he tells me my friends from my enemies.’ Hazrat Imam Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu then informed him of the illness which shall be the cause of his death.” The narrator says that he went to Kufa and found out about this man and was told that the man had passed away with the illness that Imam Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu  foretold. [Masaalikus Saalikeen] 

Glad Tidings : Once Imam Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu  was in the Musjid-e-Nabawi  (Salallahu alaihiwasalam) and it was close to the time when Imam Zainul Abideen ؓRadiaAllahu anhu had made wisaal. During that day, Dawood ibn Sulaiman and Mansoor Dawanaqi came to him. Dawood sat close by and Mansoor sat far away. Hazrat Imam Baaqir RadiaAllahu anhu asked Dawood why Mansoor was sitting so far away and Dawood answered by saying that he had a valid excuse. Hazrat Imam Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu 
then said, “ The time shall come when he will rule over the world. The east and west will be under his rule. He will live a very long life and he will attain so much of wealth, as none has ever attained before.” Dawood immediately went to Mansoor and gave him the glad tiding. He came to Hazrat Imam Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu and said, ‘I did not come to sit close to you as I fear your sight. Is it true what Dawood has told me?’ Hazrat answered in the positive. He then said, “ Will my rule be before yours?” Hazrat said, ‘Yes’ He then said, ‘Will this rule only be with me or will it go to my children?’ He said, ‘It will be passed on to your children.’ He then said, “ Will my rule be longer than that of the Bani Umaya?” 
He said, ‘Yes, and your children will inherit and they shall play with it like 
children play with a ball and they shall say, ‘This, I have inherited from my 
father.’” This prediction was totally true, and everything that Hazrat 
Imam Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu  said became a reality. 

The Kings Ill-Intentions : Once the king wanted to martyr Imam Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu and sent someone to summon him. When Imam Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu  reached the palace, the king showed great respect to him and showered him with gifts. After he had left, all those present were astonished as they knew of  the kings ill intentions. They asked him why he had changed his plan and he said, “ When the Imam entered, I saw two huge lions with him. One on his right and the other on his left and they said to me, ‘If you try to harm the Imam, then we shall kill you.’” [Kashful Mahjoob pg 129] 

The Building Will Be Destroyed : It is narrated that he was once present in 
the Fort of Hishaam bin Abdul Malik. He looked at the splendour and 
beauty of the building and said, “ This building will be demolished and even its ruins shall be carried away from here.” 

When those present heard what Hazrat had said, they were very 
astonished at his words, but when Hishaam died and his son Waleed came 
into power, then he demolished the building and removed all the ruins 
from the actual site. It has happened just as Imam Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu  had foretold. [Anwaarus Sufia pg 85] 

His Children : The names of Hazrat Imam Baaqir’s ؓRadiaAllahu anhu children are as follows: 

1. Hazrat Abu Abdullah 
2. Hazrat Imam Ja’far Saadiq 
3. Hazrat Abdullah 
4. Hazrat Ibrahim 
5. Hazrat Abdullah 
6. Hazrat Ali 
7. Hazrat Zainab (ridwaanullahi ta aala alaihim ajmaeen) 

Shaykh-E-Tariqat : Hazrat Imam Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu has been blessed with being  the Mureed and Khalifa of his father, Hazrat Imam Zainul Abideen ؓRadiaAllahu anhu. When his father blessed him with the Khilaafat, he said, “ My Beloved Son! Whenever Almighty Allah bestows you with his grace, then say Alhumdulilllah  and when you are in any pain (sadness), then say: Laa Howla Wa Laa Quw’wata Il’la Bil’laahil Aliyil Azeem” , and when you find shortage in sustenance, then read Astaghfirullah.” 

Gems Of Wisdom : 

* Abu Sa’eed Mansoor bin Hussain (rahmatullah alaih) writes in the book 
Nashrud Durr, that Imam Baaqir ؓRadiaAllahu anhu told his son Imam Ja’far ؓRadiaAllahu anhu  the following, “ O My Dear Son! Almighty Allah has hidden three things within three things. He has hidden His pleasure in his obedience, so do not disobey any  command for you do not know in which one is His pleasure, He has hidden His wrath in his disobedience, thus do not think of any sin as minor, for you do not know in which one is His wrath, and he has hidden the Awliyah Allah amongst the people, thus you should not look down on any true servant of Allah, for you do not know whether he is a Wali” 
* He said, “ Lightning strikes those with faith and those without faith, but it does not strike one who is in the remembrance of Allah.”  

* He said, “ Rasoolullah Salallahu alaihiwasalam  said, ‘When you see the lightning, then read Allahuma Laa Taqtulna Bi Ghadabika Wa Laa Tuhlikuna bi Azaabika, and when you hear the thunder then say, Subhaanal lazi Yusab’bihu Ra’doo bi Humdihi Wal Malaa’ikatu min Kheefa tihi.’” 

* He said, “ No Ibaadat is greater than the protection of one’s stomach (from 
Haraam) and ones private ornaments (from doing wrong).” 

* He said, “ You should think of the world as a point where you get off and then pass, or the kind of wealth that you dreamt off, and when you woke, you had nothing with you.” 

* He said, “ When the heart is filled only with the Deen of Allah, then it removes all except the love for Allah.” 

* He said, “ Those with Imaan are not comfortable with the world as they know that it will come to an end and they are not uninformed of the hereafter, due to  the fear of the hereafter.” 

* He said, “ Poverty and thoughts of it pass in the heart of a Momin, but when he reaches the level of Tawakul (complete trust in Allah), then he mmediately gains satisfaction.” 

Wisaal : Hazrat Imam Ja’far ؓRadiaAllahu anhu says, “ I was with my father close to the time of his passing, and he advised me about his Ghusl, kafan and burial. I then said, ‘From the time you had taken ill, I have not seen you look better than today, and at present, I do not see any signs of death upon you.’ He said, ‘My son! Can you not hear Hazrat Ali bin Hussain ؓRadiaAllahu anhu, that he is calling me from behind this wall, by saying, O Muhammad! Come quickly.”  

He also advised Imam Ja’far ؓRadiaAllahu anhu that he should be shrouded in the clothes which he used for Namaaz. Thus, Hazrat Imam Ja’far ؓRadiaAllahu anhu gave him Ghusl, and shrouded him as per his wasiyat. [Jaami-ul-Manaaqib] 

There is a difference of narration relating to the date of his wisaal, but the 
most authentic narration, is that he passed away on the 7th of Zulhijjah, 
114 Hijri at the age of 57. 

Mazaar Shareef: His Mazaar Shareef is in Madinatul Munaw’wara in the 

famous Jannat ul Baqi. 


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