Qudwatul Awliyah Hazrat Tajuddeen Abdur Razzak RadiaAllahu anhu

HIS POSITION IN THE SILSILA : Qudwatul Awliyah, Zubdatul Asfiyah, Faqih-e-Asr wa Rahnuma-e-Ahle Nazar, Taajul Millat wad Deen Hazrat Tajuddeen Abdur Raz’zaaq . is the eighteenth Imam and Sheikh of the Silsila Aaliyah Qaaderiyah Barakaatiyah Razviyah Nooriyah. He is the fifth son of Huzoor Ghaus-e-Azam Jilani. RadiaAllahu  anu

BIRTH : He was born on the 18th of Zilqaddah 528 Hijri in Baghdad Shareef [Shajratul Kaamileen pg 221]. There is however another narration that says that he was born on the 14th of Rajab.

NAME : His name is Abdur Raz’zaaq and he is also known as Abu Bakr, Abul Farah and Abdur Rahmaan. His title is Taajud’deen.

EDUCATION : He attained his knowledge at the feet of his blessed father Hazrat Sarkaar Ghaus-e-Azam Jilani RadiaAllahu  anu. With the exception of attaining vast knowledge from his father, he also studied under the watchful eye of great scholars such as, Hazrat Abul Hassan Muhammad As Saa’igh, Hazrat Qaadhi Abul Fadhl Muhammad Al Armi, Hazrat Abul Qaasim Saeed bin Al Ban=na, Hazrat Hafiz Abul Fadhl Muhammad bin Naasir, Hazrat Abu Bakr Muhammad bin Az Zaghwani and Hazrat Abuz Zafr Muhammad Al Hashmi (alaihimur rahma).

Hafiz Zahabi . wrote in Tareekhul Islam, that Sayyidi Abdur Raz’zaaq . attained knowledge of Hadith etc. from a huge Jama’at of Ulama on the command of his father. He blessed various personalities such as, Sheikh Shamsudeen, Sheikh Abdur Rahmaan, Sheikh Kamaal, Sheikh Abdur Raheem, Ahmad bin Shaibaan, Khadija bint Shihaab bin Raahij and Allama Ismaeel Asqalani etc. with the sanad (certificate) of Hadith.

SHEIKH-E-TARIQAT : He is the mureed and Khalifa of Huzoor Ghause-Azam Jilani RadiaAllahu  anu.

EXCELLENCE: He was Haafizul Quran and Haafizul Hadith. He was also appointed the Mufti of Iraq by the virtue of his vast knowledge. He was a great Faqih (Jurist) and at the same time, a very humble and simple person. He was an embodiment of patience, tolerance, gratefulness, piety, good character and respect. He often preferred to be by himself, rather than in the company of people. With the exception of Salaah, he never left his home without reason. Even though, in the eyes of the world, he was not a very wealthy person, he was still very kind and generous. He was very soft hearted and gentle. Further to possessing great knowledge and wisdom, he was also a superb teacher and a dynamic debater. He showed deep love towards those who studied Deen. The people of Iraq attained great benefit through his presence. He was a muqalid of Hazrat Imam Ahmed bin Hambal . He lived at a place called Halb and it is for this reason, that many people also referred to him as Halbi. He was a perfect embodiment of his father in Taqwa. He was also very modest. He was so modest, and feared Allah to such an extent, that for three years, he did not lift his head up towards the sky. [Khazinatul Asfiyah]

HIS BOOKS : He was one of the greatest authors of his time. However, the names of many of his books can not be found in documents of the great scholars. Only one book has been known to many and that is the book AJilaa ul Khawaatir@ which he compiled. This book deals with the many wazaaif and the malfoozat of Huzoor Ghaus-e-Azam Jilani RadiaAllahu  anu.

HIS CHILDREN : Almighty Allah blessed him with five sons and two daughters. There names are as follows:

1. Hazrat Sheikh Abu Saleh Nasr .
2. Hazrat Sheikh Abul Qaasim Abdur Rahim .
3. Hazrat Sheikh Abu Muhammad Ismaeel .
4. Sheikh Abul Muhaasin Fadhlullah .
5. Hazrat Sheikh Jamaalullah .
6. Hazrat Bibi Sa’adat .
7. Hazrat Umme Muhammad Aisha .
[Khazinatul Asfiyah vol.1 pg110]
KHULAFA : The following names of his Khulafa can be found in the books of history:

1. Hazrat Sayyiduna Abu Saleh Nasr
2. Hazrat Sayyiduna Sheikh Jamaal.

AN AMAZING LIFE: His fifth son, Hazrat Sheikh Jamaalullah is the splitting image of Huzoor Ghaus-e-Azam . and was loved dearly by Huzoor Ghaus-e-Azam RadiaAllahu  anu. He is alive even till this day, and is known as “Hayaatul Meer”.

He is said to be in the area of Samarkand. Many Awliyah Allah have met him and have even taken Bai’at at his hands. Hazrat Sheikh Jamaalullah . says that Huzoor Ghaus-e-Azam RadiaAllahu  anu used to often say, “O Jamaalullah! You will attain a very long life. When you enter the era of Hazrat Esa . then you should pass my Salaams to him.”

Once someone asked Hazrat Jamaalullah if he knew for how long he would live, and he replied by saying that he was not aware of that, but he knew for sure that he would meet Hazrat Esa . and make his khidmat (serve him) just as his grandfather Huzoor Ghaus-e-Azam . foretold.

WISAAL : There is a difference of opinion on the date of his wisaal, but the date which is in the Shajrah-e-Aaliyah Qaaderiyah Razviyah, is the 6th of Shawwal 623 Hijri and this seems to be the proper date.

JANAZAH SALAAH : When the wisaal of Hazrat Sayyidi Abdur Raz’zaaq was announced, then the crowd of people was so vast, that there was no place in the town where the Janazah could be performed. The
Janazah was thus first performed in the Eid Gaah outside the town, then in Jaame Risaafa, the third time at Turbatul Khulafa, the fourth time, along the banks of the River Tigris, a fifth time at the Baab-e-Tahreem, the sixth time at Jabriyah and the seventh time near the Mazaar of Hazrat Ahmed bin Hambal RadiaAllahu  anu, and this was on a Friday. [Ad Dur rul Munzim vol.2 pg.471]

MAZAAR SHAREEF : His Mazaar Shareef is in the Mausoleum of Hazrat Imam Ahmed bin Hambal .


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