zamin o zaman tumhare liye

zamin o zaman tumhare liye; makin o makan tumhare liye
chunin o chunan tumhare liye; baney do jahan tumhare liye

The earth and the age are made for thy sake;
the dwellers and their abodes are made for thee
The 'why' and 'how' (knowledge) is there for thee;
this world and the next are also for thee!

dahan mein zuban tumhare liye; badan mein jan tumhare liye
hum aye yahan tumhare liye; uthen bhi wahan tumhare liye

The tongue in our mouth is made for thee; this soul in our bodies is made for thee
We came here, were born for thy sake; we rise on that day [hereafter] for thy sake.

kalim o naji, masih o safi, khalil o razi, rasul o nabi
atiq o wasi, ghaniyy o ali sana ki zuban tumhare liye

Musa, Nuh, Isa, Adam, Ibrahim, Ismail; all the Messengers and all the Prophets,
Abu Bakr and Úmar; Uthman and Ali all praise thee!

tumhari chamak; tumhari damak; tumhari jhalak tumhari mahak
zamin o falak; simak o samak mein sikka nishan tumhare liye

It is your light; and your radiance; it is thy sparkle and thy perfume
in the earth and in the heavens; in the stars and the skies.[simak is constellation; samak is the roof or the sky]

ye shams o qamar ye sham o sahar ye barg o shajar ye bagh o samar
ye tegh o sipar ye taj o kamar ye hukm rawan tumhare liye

For thee is this sun; and thine is the moon; this night and the day; the plants and the trees; the gardens and fruits
For you is the sword, for you the soldier; the crown and the power are all for thee.

ye fayz diye wo jud kiye ke nam liye zamana jiye
jahan ne liye tumhare diye ye ikramiyan tumhare liye

These blessings and grants; your favors abound; the world lives on by uttering your name
The world takes thy charity; and all these honors are granted for thy sake!

sahab e karam rawana kiye, ke ab niam zamana piye
jo rakhte the hum wo chak siye, ye satr e badan tumhare liye

You sent the clouds of mercy for the world to drink in the water of blessings
You mended the tears in our clothes, and covered our shame, our sins for us.

ataye arab, jalaye karab fuyuz ajab baghayr talab
ye rahmat e rabb hai kis ke sabab, bi rabb e jahan tumhare liye

Billions of bounties; banishing our agony; and wondrous blessings without even asking
All this mercy of the Lord is for whose sake? For thee my master, by the Lord of the Worlds!

na jinn o bashar ke ath pahar malayikah dar pe basta kamar
na jib’ha o sar, ke qalb o jigar, hain sajdah kunan tumhare liye

Not just men and jinn; but angels too throughout the day [and night] stand in your service
It is not foreheads and heads that prostrate; but our hearts that fall down in reverence for thee!

jinan mein chaman chaman mein saman; saman mein phaban, phaban mein dulhan
sazaye mihan pe ayse minan ye amn o aman tumhare liye

Gardens in paradise; and in those gardens are groves; and the groves are adorned and in those adornments are beautiful brides!

The fruit of labor is thus rewarded! tranquillity and peace is thus granted for thy sake!

khalil o naji masih o safi sabhi se kahi kahin bhi bani
ye be khabari ke khalq phiri kahan se kahan tumhare liye

Ibrahim, Nuh; Isa and Adam; we went to all of them to help us but they couldn’t
And the entire creation is made to turn towards thee, and this glory is only for thee!

ishare se chand chir diya ; chupey huwey khur ko pher liya
gaye huwe din ko asr kiya; ye tab o tawan tumhare liye

You split the moon with a gesture; you brought back the sun
You restored the day back to evening after it had set; these lights and illumination are all for thee!

saba wo chale ke bagh phale wo phool khile ke din hon bhale
liwa ke tale sana mein khule raza ki zaban tumhare liye

The swift breeze blows for the gardens to blossom; the flowers bloom for our days to be pleasing
and under the Standard, may Raza's mouth open only to praise thee, my master!


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